Has anyone experimented with alternating Paleo types of foods?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 11, 2012 at 2:20 AM

Knowing that our primal ancestors had spurts of food and different types of food available depending on seasons and availability, has anyone drastically altered their Paleo diet from time to time and had good results? For instance, eating higher amonuts of fruits in summer and then higher amounts of meats and fats in winter?? And using fasting most days??

Our primal ancestors clearly had the opposite problem with food availability. They had to work and hunt for their meals and probably rarely ate 3 square meals a day. Rather they ate when food was available and when it wasn't, they lived off their fat stores...

I'm wondering if alternating the type of Paleo foods would also speed up metabolism as our bodies tend to adapt and get used to what we eat and by mixing it up from time to time would be beneficial to metabolism. I've read some Paleo folks who eat the same type of meals day in and day and out. Personally, I've been able to break through some weight plateaus by drastically changing the types of foods as well as fasting lightly some days...

It's no wonder why there is an obesity epidemic as we are programmed and taught from day one to eat at least 3 meals a day. The other experiment I want to try is one BIG meal a day at around 5 pm.... Has anyone tried one meal a day??? Something tells me that it may work... With a few cups of coffee with coconut oil throughout the day for energy...


on October 17, 2012
at 12:36 PM

this is a great question..society makes us eat too much, (eat breakfast or you will gain weight) haha bs

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on October 11, 2012
at 03:25 AM

I think that you are right on the money..fasting is good for most people unless they are very under weight..although for the record, i don't think most people who eat a "regular diet" stop at 3 meals a day. i do fast, 18 hours usually once or twice a week with, using coffee with coconut oil whirred up in it( delish)..i don't really know if it helps with weight loss, i stopped weighing myself( too stressed over it)..but i feel great when I do..full on energy..but not more than a couple times a week. I think it would be too hard to take in all the veggies, fruit and protein at one sitting..so i wouldn't make a habit of it but once in a while for sure..for me anyway. My day looks more like 2 snacks and a smallish meal around 6 and i am rarely hungry...big change from 1 year ago for me...the best advice..listen to your body..it knows what works for you..good luck with your hacks!

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on October 11, 2012
at 07:56 AM

I like to eat reasonably seasonally, although I don't go overboard.

What that means is that in the summer I will eat tomatoes most days, but by mid-September I tend not to eat fresh tomatoes. Occasionally I'll use tinned in cooking.

At this time of year figs are delicious and go very well with parma ham, but the season is short and I'll probably end up eating them 3 or 4 times.

As winter approaches I'm more interested in stews than salads, so the slow cooker will be out soon. The perfect opportunity to introduce game meat and root vegetables.

I don't do it to lose weight. I do it because despite the fantastic choice we have nowadays food still tastes better if you eat reasonably seasonally in my opinion.

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