Hack my IF/CBL question please !?

Asked on December 09, 2012
Created December 09, 2012 at 4:23 AM

Hey fellow PH'rs, I've got a few questions regarding the topics of IF/fasting in general, carb backloading, and the role of MCT's and BCAA's. I've been following the typical 16/8 protocol for the past few weeks, as well as low carbing it (roughly 60-80day regardless of training or not), but i'am currently trying to gain weight, not necessarily in the bodybuilding "bulking phase" sense, but I feel like @ 138-141lbs @ 5'9 18yrs old, I really want to gain a relatively significant amount of weight, especially as I'll be back in submission wrestling/bjj relatively soon following holiday season. I've recently done a lot of reading about carb metabolism/fasting (Leangains articles/Gary Taubes books/Lyle Mcdonald books) and am very interested in having relatively low carb levels for health implications. I'm also currently reading and annotating Body By Science and Bigger Muscle in 42 days by Ellington Darden (HIT routines/benefits). My questions: 1) for carb back loading to work, do I need to complete the "intro" phase, enter ketosis, then start? or can I simply restrict carbs until PWO and on non training days keep carbs even lower than normal (20-40), and PWO bump them to about 120g? Would that still be effective although not as OPTIMAL? 2)Low carbing and performing BBS/Ellington Darden/Arthur Jones style lifting seems to dramatically decrease glycogen stores, would it be effective to keep the carbs PWO, restrict on off days, and then one day on the weekend do an additional carb refeed? something around 200-300g carbs? 3)Is it possible to incorporate the traditional IF with carb backloading? even if not 16/8? maybe training days fast something like 12-14hrs VLC until PWO, then on non training days stick to normal 16/8? 4)Is there any benefit to keeping carbs to later in the evening regardless of CBL protocols? 5)MCT's... i typically consume alot. something like 3-5 tbsp of Nutiva Organic EVCO a day, and I hear that you can typically consume more carbs and maintain ketosis with MCT's, well since I'm trying to GAIN weight, would the carb levels I have given be too low considering the amount of MCT's I may be taking in?

Thanks in advance for any and all input I receive, much appreciated

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