Fibro and Intermittent fasting ?

Asked on July 22, 2013
Created July 22, 2013 at 11:53 PM

Hi everyone i have been in paleo for the last 2 years and feeling great but the last 9 months have been not so good for me.

Mostly i eat meat, chicken, fish, vegetable, avocado, little amount of coconut milk 100%, olive oil sometimes nuts, homemade mayo and drink water and green tea.

I'm 22years old girl, active workout 3 times a week, lifting, running swimming and biking. 5ft 9 / 180cm and 176 pounds / 80kg

I sleep at least for 7 hours per night

last autumn i had this virus in my blood called "bells palsy" maybe you have heard of it.. it paralyses half of your face for frkn to long! It took me about 5 months to recover completely in my face but there are still some symptoms in my body that i am waiting for to disappear. I got diagnosed with fibro 6 weeks ago, other symptons after my virus are fx. i get this crazy tired in the middle of the day and i feel like i cant move and some other things like headache and dizziness. The other thing is that i gained like 16 kg in 5 months! and i kid you not i wasn't eating like a pig or cheating maybe i ate a little more carbs but not that much! So my question is 4 u is there anyone out there that has experience with IF and fibro ,, last month i took whole 30 again, my pains are almost gone and my sleeping is so much better ( i dont take any medication) but i did not loose any fat which want's not my priority but now i would like to see some changes!

and one other thing, i get this angioedema all the time, i cut out eggs 6 weeks ago because i read somewhere that they could trigger it.... do you have any solution for angiodema?

I know you are getting these stupid weight loss questions every day and trust me paleo isnt a "diet" for me its a lifestyle and it has helped me alot through the years but know i really want my body back and my health! maybe IF is going to help me control hunger because when i get this crasy tired like im paralysed my body just says EAT ...

Thanke you, and if you have better advice for me its well taken

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