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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 27, 2013 at 6:34 PM

I started paying attention to nutrition and training about 8 months ago, and became immediately immersed. I am 6'0, 169 and 18 years old. After research I began eating low-carb and lost about 60 pounds over 5 months. I attribute most of this dramatic transition to the change from binge eating high-fat and high-carb foods on a daily basis. Recently (3 months ago) I started IF and have not looked back since. My progress is visibly noticeable enough, yet my scale weight hasn't changed more than 2 pounds, However, I figured Diets can always use critique.

I Train 3 days a week, one day pushing muscles, one day pulling, and one day legs, all revolving around compound movements and a few accessory exercises. I fast about 17 hours daily, sometimes up to 22 once or twice a week.

On Workout Days I Consume about 3550 calories, 235g protien, 45g fat and 500+g carbs. On Rest Days I Consume about 2375 calories, 235g protien, 90g fat and 150g carbs On days when I work 8-4 as a labourer, I add 500 calories, typically in the form of carbs to compensate for used energy.

Feel free to critique any aspect of this routine, I'm only really worried about rest time given I'm active 40+hours weekly between my job and working out.

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on March 05, 2013
at 09:26 AM

What are your goals? Also, how the heck do you fit in that much protein into a day? Please share


on March 06, 2013
at 01:44 AM

i base it on look rather than numbers but i would settle for something along the lines of 190 at sub 10% body fat. I understand this will take some time. After being overweight with a big frame i'm quite bent on a lean yet powerful physique. I'm absolutely gaining muscle, i can tell visibly as well as all of my primary lifts going up (over 150 pounds combining squat, deadlift, bench, weighted chins and OHP).

Protien wise Its not too hard, especially with IF because i just eat huge meals at once. For example, I'd wake up at 930, drink BCAA's and start working out around 9:50, finish around 1030-1045 and head home. A combination on 10+oz of grilled chicken, a box of pasta, assorted vegetables, a scoop of whey, random cookies and fruits leaves me with approximately +/-2900 calories: +/-170g protien, +/-325g carbs, +/-35g fat, the amcors always vary slightly. I then go for another meal whenever I feel like it within my time limits consisting of 80+g protien and 150+g carbs. I'm fine with eating the same meals often to repetition isn't a problem. As long as I'm progressing physically I'm happy, I just wanted some outside opinion.


on March 05, 2013
at 10:46 AM

As Pwitty asked what are you goals? Also the scale alone can't be your bench mark. At that age I was 'filling out' and my frame was just getting bigger so I was gaining weight. If you're lifting consistently on top of this you should/could be gaining muscle that would offset fat loss weight (if that is your goal).

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