Eat within an hour of waking or intermittent fasting daily 8 hour window?

Answered on June 12, 2015
Created February 28, 2014 at 4:51 PM

Do you know of any science, or other strong evidence to support one or the other approach?

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4 Answers


on June 12, 2015
at 06:59 AM

I'm not worried what 'science' says.. because using the renegade diet (16/8) i've got awesome results and my experience is the only proof I need.


on March 03, 2014
at 03:46 PM

Barry Sears, author of The Zone, is in favor of eating within a hour, here's his reasons: http://zonediet.com/blog/2010/08/eat-your-breakfast/

Also, I read on Jack Kreuse's blog, he's a fan of eating within 30 minutes for leptin resistance/adrenal fatigue issues. http://jackkruse.com/brain-gut-16-adrenal-fatigue-rx/



on February 28, 2014
at 05:18 PM

I think do what you feel best doing, try both & see for yourself, I didn't eat breakfast fro years because I was never hungry upon waking, a few times I forced myself to eat a big cooked breakfast & felt so great, within 2 hours I felt crappy & lethargic so went back to skipping brekky



on February 28, 2014
at 05:09 PM

There's a lot of science on both.

Most of the science on breakfast is observational. The problems with these studies are two-fold. One, healthy people tend to over-estimate how healthy they eat, and align very strongly to social norms. Whereas unhealthy people tend to over-estimate how badly they eat. For example, a healthy person might say they rarely eat hot dogs and an unhealthy person might say they regularly eat hot dogs. When in fact both people eat 1-2 hot dogs per month. Second, they rarely normalize for diet. Someone who is eating SAD probably does need breakfast whereas someone who is not may not.

In my own life, I used to be the guy who got grumpy if I had to skip breakfast, or if I had to delay lunch by 30 minutes. My stomach would growl, my mood would foul, etc. Now? I rarely eat breakfast because I'm not hungry and it doesn't increase the amount I eat later in the day. In fact, if I skip breakfast, I tend to eat less rather than more.

For IF, here's a few links (with links to links to links):



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