Am I one of the few that breakfast fills me for the day?

Asked on August 28, 2015
Created August 28, 2015 at 3:25 PM

I have finally went back to paleo (never should have went off, but new guy, new place, etc whatever I messed up lol).
In the process I am starting to do something close to 5:2 fasting. 
Tuesday & Thursday (days I teach all day long) I eat between 300-550 calories. 
Mon, Wed, Fri - I aim for 1800 calories and ideally a bit more. 
Sat & Sun - It is 900-1100 calories. 

Well, in trying something new I have done a lot of reading... on here, Chris Kesser, Mark, and various other pages. It seems that with IF, ADF, 5:2 and other fasting type regimes there is a big emphasis on skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch. I have found numerous articles talking about how people who eat breakfast are more apt to cheat, more apt to be hungry all-day, and similar. 
There is a part of me curious about this but the fact is I am not hungry after I have my breakfast but if I skip breakfast I am hungry all day. 
Does anyone else have that experience?

Ok, so a few stats..

Currently 201lbs. 5'4inches. Female. Pre/Borderline Diabetes with around 5.7 a1c even going off paelo and gaining weight from a low point of 270 the a1c has pretty much stayed there (before I ever did paleo I was at 6.1a1c and 245lbs).  I have ITP which is low platelets but it never really bothers me and is never low enough to cause issues. I have iron anemia though going paleo helped reduce the degree a lot though I still take an iron supplement daily. I also have b12/pernicious deficiency (if I lived in Europe it would be anemia but numbers are different in the US), for that I take a shot once or twice a month. I am also PCOS but now that i have started back paleo those issues seem to be going away again!!!

My usual day:
Wake up at 4am (have to be on the road by 5am Mon and Wed, and by 5:30 on Tues and Thurs). 
Have a protein smoothie (whey protein almond milk, coconut milk, raspberries, blackberries, cinnamon, turmeric, grass fed butter, coconut oil) that is around 300 calories. This is every day. 
On Mon, Wed, Fri and sometimes Sat/Sun I have the same smoothie but often will have two slices bacon, some granola, and a yogurt as well. 

Lunch every day is either tuna fish or chicken along with carrots, sliced tomato, cucumber and/or zucchini, celery, and often lettuce with a bit of organic ranch dressing. 

Sometimes I will have broccoli, spinach, or whatever leftover veggie there was from the night before if there was any leftovers but that is rather rare. 

Snacks... if any is usually cheese. 

Dinner, various through the week but often goes something like Mon-Chicken, Tuesday I skip as it is my "fasting day," Wed- Steak, Thurs skip, Fri- Fish, Sat - Pork or Chicken, Sun Chicken or Lamb. 

On my fasting days I am eating 4:30am, part of my lunch at 10:30am, and the rest (if hungry which isn't common) about 2pm. 
Non-fasting: 4:30, sometime between 11 and 2 depending on day, and dinner I aim for 6pm but some nights it is a bit later as that is when the fiance gets home. 

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