16/8 intermittent fasting, Not working anymore after last years success

Answered on March 11, 2014
Created March 11, 2014 at 5:06 AM

I'm hoping someone with experience can help me with since because I don't know anyone else (other than me that has been successful with IF). Last May I started 16/8, 7 days a week and the weight fell off! I wasn't trying to lose weight, only hoping to scuplt and tone my body. Well, 10 pounds later, and 8 inches off 3 months later was a true miracle. I had the body I've always wanted...FINALLY :-)

However recently my life has changed and I no longer have the convenience of working out during the 15th hour, for an hour. I lost my job, and found myself eating to survive and not really paying attention to what I was putting in. I realize it was junk, but I always followed 16/8, and it seemed that the "eat whatever you want rule" that some books say does not ring true. Today, i'm UP 5 pds and the 8 inches are back on!!!!!

Now that I'm working again, the convenience of working from home is not as easy as it was. I do get an hour lunch, but only have access to run or walk. I can lift in the mornings or do a Hiit or Tabata rounds, but not sure if it is worth it since I'll still have another 4 hours or so before I can eat.

So... Before= 16 fast ending at noon, and working out at 11:00 with a high protein meal after.

Now= 16 hour fast, and questioning my time to work out. Mornings for 20 mins without protein afterword, or should i work out at 5pm. I can't change the times because I work until 6pm and usually eat dinner between 7 and 8.

The process isn't working like it did, even though I've started eating clean again.


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on March 11, 2014
at 11:42 AM

I do lift at home when I am there. I work in an office that does not offer any workout facilities, so it's just my feet on a lunch break run if I can spare the break. I did bring some resistance bands to work, but I can't do anything major as bringing a bench, heavy weights or metal chest expanders. It's not the lack of body weitght ideas, its more of doing a random set of squats lunges or whatever that is only a few mins here and there verses the 30 to 45 min sweat.

My question was more about the workout time and is it still going to be effective at 6pm even though it isn't the 15th hour.



on March 11, 2014
at 10:25 AM

I think the eat whatever you want rule applies only to paleo foods and even then doesn't include things like paleo deserts.

Obviously there's a big difference in how your body reacts, and if you must workout at 6pm, do that instead.

Can you buy some weights so you can lift at home? You can do quite a lot with just dumbbells and maybe a bench, though you could use some chairs as a bench... Are you being watched or on the phone all the time? If not, can you do one set, do some work, then do another set, some more work, etc?

Sounds like the difference is working out fasted right before your first meal. Possibly stress levels and food quality as well.

If not weights, you could buy one of those metal spring chest expanders and use that to work out. You can put one of the handles on your foot and do curls or rows. Maybe if you have something sturdy enough, hang one of the handles from something up high and pull down, etc. Problem is you don't want to rip out the walls.

If anything, try to workout in your lunch time and then after 6pm do some HIIT to running if you feel like it. Also try to stand up as much as you can.

They also have workout bands, but they can get expensive for too little resistance. Those are ok if you're going on vacation for a few days and there's no gym at the hotel - I went this route and at most they claim to offer like 80lbs of resistance, but it doesn't feel like it at all. The upside is that they're light and can fit in luggage and not set off the TSA. But I wouldn't work out with them every day.

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