Can severe insulin resistance in men cause high free testosterone?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 08, 2012 at 3:22 PM

i don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but i figure you guys know a lot about hormones and things of that nature.

i know excess androgens in women can be related to insulin resistance. can the same be said for men? i have extremely oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis, hair in places that no one in my family has. also, all the fat is concentrated in my stomach which is associated with insulin resistance.

basically, can insulin resistance result in the same kind of hormonal disorders in men?

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on December 08, 2012
at 03:55 PM

I want to start off by saying two things:

  1. Google search is your friend.
  2. This is an excellent question.

This question prompted me to do a Google search and I learned something quite interesting from it, so Thank-you.

Searching for

insulin resistance testosterone men

I found a bunch of studies about women, but when I searched for

insulin resistance DHT men

I found some really cool studies in men.

This first study "Relationship Between Testosterone Levels, Insulin Sensitivity, and Mitochondrial Function in Men" concludes

These data ... suggest a novel unifying mechanism for the previously independent observations that low testosterone levels and impaired mitochondrial function promote insulin resistance in men.

They basically found that there exists a direct correlation between higher serum testosterone and higher insulin sensitivity (lower insulin resistance) in diabetic men. And this study finds similar conclusions in non diabetic men. But before I call it a day and say that insulin resistance causes low free testosterone/vice versa let me mention one more thing.

DHT is androgenic. DHT is associated with hairloss in men and visceral stomach fat. DHT increases with insulin resistance and may cause insulin resistance/be caused by insulin resistance. So to precisely answer your question, no insulin resistance in men should not cause high testosterone in men or vice versa HOWEVER insulin resistance in men may cause high DHT or vice versa.


This isn't part of your question but it is very relevant:

  1. HIIT/Sprint 8 by Phil Campbell has shown clinically to increase insulin sensitivity/decrease insulin resistance.
  2. Cold showers/Ice baths improve insulin sensitivity/decrease insulin resistance according to Robb Wolf Gym Jones Tim Ferris and Jack Kruse.


I hope this answered your question, leave any comments if you'd like further clarification.

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