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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 14, 2012 at 3:54 AM

I have concieved of includiing the followiing food sources in the diet: insects(amongst which worms and nightcrawlers, meal worms), rats and guinea pigs. Any criticisms(constructive of course) or recommendations for weird, easily cultivable/sustainable food sources. Has anyone any experience with entomophagy a.k.a the consumption of insects??? What thoughts?



on January 16, 2012
at 06:08 AM

Re-enactment? Do you know that many, many, people around the world STILL live like that and HEALTHY? I think eating McDonald's food is re-enactment because you eat something that is inedible. We are omnivores, and just because our culture dictates what we supposed and not supposed to eat, or we have alternative food sources, it does not mean that this is the right way to eat. I go mushroom picking every summer and pick berries in the forest. In my culture this is the way of life, not re-enactment.



on January 15, 2012
at 09:02 PM

Not to pick on you specifically Matt, but I get a little tired of the "reenactment!" namecalling on this site. In my opinion, we're living in a fairly backwards time-out of touch with nature and our past. I think the questions the OP is asking make a lot of sense.



on January 15, 2012
at 06:08 PM

I envy you + 3 more to go..



on January 15, 2012
at 06:00 PM

Sounds like paleo reenactment to me. Nothing wrong with it, just silly.

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on January 15, 2012
at 05:45 PM

I've started eating bugs, but didn't worK up the nerve for it until the very end of bug season, so my knowledge base is on suspension until springtime.

Crickets and rolly-pollies are okay, I'll attest to that, but I think I'll pass on the angleworms and night crawlers, thank you. Their guts are so full dirt, I hear you have to starve them for a day or two before they're (just barely) palatable. They're not insects anyway, they're anelids (sp?). For that matter, neither are rolly-pollies, they're terrestrial shrimp.

Keep us posted on your insectivorous adventures. We need variety in our menus around here.



on January 15, 2012
at 03:35 PM

I have not tried eating insects myself, but always wanted to try them. I have enjoyed snails in France and I absolutely LOVED them!!! I wish I had a snail farm so I could eat them more frequently.

I know Yamomami eat grubs (they look like tree worms to me).

I used to know a US marine. They teach them what insects are edible.

I know one tribe that eats rats in India. People eat guinea pigs in South America. They eat dog meat in South Korea.

If you feel up to it, do some research about edible insects and alternative meat sources. I have tried rabbit meat, it is very sweet and tasty. I also have tried venison and buffalo meat. I prefer buffalo.

I think those all are wonderful sources of protein and they also are very nutritious. I would not eat a rat though, because I live in a big city and city rats carry all kinds of infections.

Here is something for you to read - http://www.nwhc.usgs.gov/publications/disease_emergence/Chapter5.pdf

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