Should the Paleo Diet Infographic Be Revised?

Commented on November 21, 2011
Created November 21, 2011 at 4:03 AM

The new Paleo Diet Infographic (see "Click Me," right side column) is quite good. However, it's got an error of fact that could be easily corrected, and should be.

The "McGovern Commission" was headed by Sen. George McGovern, but it had nothing to do with nutrition. Rather, it was an intra-Democratic party task force related to delegate selection methods.


The flawed nutrition report was released by United States Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs, which likewise was headed by the same George McGovern.


So the correct reference should be "McGovern Committee," not "McGovern Commission." Robb Wolf makes the same error in his book; he refers to the Senate committee as "commission."

This wouldn't be a problem if there had not existed both a commission and a committee, two separate and unrelated bodies headed by the same guy at different times with completed unrelated missions. They are not interchangeable and shouldn't be confused. Researchers who want to learn more about the McGovern Senate committee report, will not get there via Google and "McGovern Commission."

Admittedly, this is a small point, but Paleo ought to be accurate in fine details as well as broad generalizations. Credibility owes to many factors, as does lack of credibility.

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on November 21, 2011
at 04:28 AM

Paul, I realized after posting that my comments were not in the form of a question. Hence I changed the title to ask a question. Thanks for conveying the point to Patrick. Cheers.



on November 21, 2011
at 04:07 AM

Uh, this is not a question, but is indeed helpful. I've let Patrick know.

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