Trigger Finger (problem with thumb joint) - what foods do you recommend?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 27, 2012 at 10:15 AM

So, it looks like I have trigger finger.


It's apparently caused by inflammation of the tendon in the finger. I have it in both thumbs, worse in my right thumb but only mild in both (it "clicks" maybe 2 - 5 times per day, that I notice).

This started a few months ago. I've been pretty strict Paleo + high quality dairy (butter, cream, occasional cheese) for around a year. I don't drink very much alcohol - maybe a bottle of red wine per month. I eat quite a lot of oily fish (perhaps 300g / week), no nuts, a moderate amount of fruit, lots of lamb and beef, cream once or twice per week, butter every day, cheese a couple of times per week.

Recently I have quit nightshades to see if that makes a difference. It hasn't yet, after 2 weeks, anyway (removing nightshades from my diet is harder than wheat, for me, too! They're in everything that gives food a bit of life).

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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2 Answers



on September 27, 2012
at 09:15 PM

I can't think that this is diet related. I had an injection in the ball of my thumb when I had trigger thumb. It stopped it straight away and I haven't had any more trouble (at least 8 years - can't remember exactly!) Better see the doctor.


on September 29, 2012
at 03:17 PM

Accupuncture resolved my trigger finger.

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