So I went and ran 100 miles. Sue me. But first, hack my recovery.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 10, 2012 at 8:55 PM

Sorry for the flippant title. :-) Sort of.

Despite whatever Paleo advice or guidance exists out there, I did go and complete a mountain/nasty/brutal 100-mile ultra race on Saturday. Now I'm recovering but wondering what Paleo friendly foods and supplements are going to get things back on track. (Note that I realize I should have asked this BEFORE the event because recovery starts at hour ZERO after finishing....)

Here's a few I'm already looking into: pineapple ginger tumeric lots of fluids himalayan salt liver fish oil? sleep

Advice for me and my dumb abuse of my system?

Thanks again and have a wonderful Monday.



on September 11, 2012
at 05:27 PM

What's wrong with running 100 miles? I aspire to that myself. At the moment I can barely shuffle along with my heart rate monitor beeping at me reminding me my MAF totally is in the toilet.


on September 11, 2012
at 03:26 PM

Cool. I don't have any advice but never the less what you did was cool.



on September 10, 2012
at 09:28 PM

Brrrr. I know I should do the cold showers because I'm absorbing the wit and wisdom of Julien Smith (The Flinch). Ah, aspirin. Thanks.



on September 10, 2012
at 09:01 PM

Holy Moly that is incredible? Sorry I can't help much, but I would say starchy tubers and cold showers as well as maybe asprin and baking soda

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on September 10, 2012
at 10:57 PM

Yeah, Bone broth. Homemade Jello. Get collagen back into your system. This will help rebuild damage to not only muscle, but other tissues.

Fat. mmmmbutter. Your body tapped into stores I'm sure it didn't even know it had. Time to replenish those.

Magnesium for your muscles. Epson salts baths. Drink lots of fluids (SLOWLY) with electrolytes and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Your kidneys are having to deal with likely the most toxic your body has ever been. Low potency B complex will help, too.

Get a massage or two.

But more than anything, high five!


on September 10, 2012
at 11:15 PM

Dude! Awesome!!! Coconut water by the caseload!



on September 10, 2012
at 09:41 PM

Don't forget homemade broth!

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