Injured/inflammed/pulled tendon/muscle/cartilage? What do I do?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 09, 2012 at 4:04 PM

About a year and a half ago I was shoveling snow off a roof. One of the times I was shoveling, I felt like I pulled something in my chest. It hurt.

The right side of my chest now has been cracking when I stretch it, and hurts when I move my chest in certain directions (like pulling my shoulders back).

I sleep fine. It doesn't hurt when I don't move. But when I start to bend and move a lot, the right side of my chest starts hurting.

I've been paleo for quite some time. I've been eating lots of meats, fruits and vegetables. It's helped reduce pain, but my chest cracks still, and it feels like something is inflamed.

I had some mexican food yesterday and woke up with more pain (when moving), so I know inflammatory food do not help and makes it worse. It hasn't fully healed for over a year and a half.

What do I do?

Should I visit somebody?

How does one assess something that's internal? It feels like it's a nerve, muscle, or tendon. Not sure which one.

I don't exercise much, but I go for walks and play frisbee golf.

Do I wait for it to heal by itself, or do I need more than that?

Thanks for your help and insight. :)

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4 Answers



on July 09, 2012
at 05:17 PM

I'd at least try the doctor to help figure out what is wrong. Whether you choose to heed his advice or do your own "natural" remedy is up to you once you have a diagnosis.



on July 09, 2012
at 06:44 PM

First: this is not any kind of medical advice, I don't really know the nature of your injury, and I don't really know what to do about it.

Here's my story of what sounds like a similar issue. About 3 months ago, I was doing some heavy overhead squats and heard a clicking/cracking sound in my shoulder while finishing up some reps. Afterwards, my shoulder hurt a little, but nothing I couldn't ignore and finish my workout.

For the next couple of days my shoulders were really sore and it got to the point where it was impacting my sleep and workouts. I talked to a PT friend of mine and she did some quick tests and said that it was most likely a tendon rubbing up against a nerve because the tendon was inflamed and a little bigger it wasn't fitting in the channel it should fit into.

So on that advice I started really cleaning up my diet, taking it easy on overhead work, and stretching my shoulder. Over the next 2 months or so it was getting better but every so often there would be a nagging pain that would impact something I was doing.

I'm not a doctor-goer nor am I a drug-taker, so I just kept stretching, and taking it easy. But it only got so much better. My wife suggested that I take a little ibuprofen just to help with the inflammation. So I finally gave in and had a little.

After two days my shoulder was back to normal. No drugs (well a little), no doctors. My post-hoc explanation is that while I was managing the inflammation of my shoulder with diet it wasn't fully going down. Since it was inflamed, as I kept using it, it would rub something and get a little more inflamed. So it never fully healed. The two days of ibuprofen was enough to fully take down the inflammation so that the tendon fit back into its channel and it doesn't keep getting reaggravated.

Maybe that's enough for you. A low inflammation diet wasn't enough for me, but hitting it with a little bit of ibuprofen to really smack down the inflammation was perfect.

I'm happy with any solution that keeps me out of a doctor's office.



on July 09, 2012
at 05:06 PM

Why are you guessing that a doctor won't help? This kind of stuff is what a doctor is for.



on July 09, 2012
at 06:08 PM

Pain on movement vs. pain after eating or from not eating vs. positional pain vs. traumatic experience....and so on and so forth all go into diagnosis of what is causing the issue. Chiropractors are well trained in this differential diagnosis and seeing as your leaning toward a neuromusculoskeletal issue that is where I would go.

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