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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 15, 2012 at 6:52 PM

can someone help dissect this meal i just ate and why i have ice cold feet after?

2 fried pastured eggs cooked in bacon grease, 2 peaches, 1 slice of bacon, one glass of goat's milk

Carbs-39.6 g/Protein-26.4 g/Fat-27.0 g

sometimes after meals i get extremely cold feet, tired, etc.

is this an inflammatory response from the bacon polyunsaturated fats? or did i eat too much fat in one meal?

anyone see any red flags?

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5 Answers



on September 15, 2012
at 07:18 PM

Milk stimulates insulin to a greater degree than the carb it has would require. I'd hazard a guess it is crashing your blood sugar.

If you are attached to your milk swap the peaches for some yam or potato hash browns. The higher glucose load will balance the insulin load of the milk better in my experience. I'd also consider just dumping the milk, but that's just a personal thing, but playing with ways to make a problematic food less problematic seems silly to me. Especially since milk isn't particularly worth while....



on September 15, 2012
at 07:08 PM

Cold feet (and hands, nose, ears) can be a part of Raynaud's - https://www.mayoclinic.com/health/raynauds-disease/DS00433/DSECTION=causes.

One of the theorized mechanisms of Raynaud's is insulin hypersensitivity - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4143593.

Try cutting out the simple sugar/carb in this (the peaches). That could be creating an insulin spike causing inflammation manifesting as mild Raynaud's in your feet.


on September 27, 2012
at 02:49 PM

I have had this exact same problem. Quite often I was low in iron, but that is probably not the issue. Some things to start noticing is in higher fat meals how do you feel? Do you eat the same thing every day for breakfast? When I've eaten a meal similar to that and had cold extremities, I was either consuming a food i was intolerant to to some degree, some food was too hard to digest or the combination of foods together. Often times fruit is better eaten first or alone. As well as the overload of animal products which is harder to break down for your system(either bc its too acidic or its particular foods your body doesn't have the machinery to digest). Oh and dehydration makes me cold too. Has this happened again and what other foods, meals does it happen during?


on September 15, 2012
at 09:27 PM

It's probably because all of your blood rushes to your stomach after you eat and your extremities are left "out in the cold" so to speak. It's a normal response to eating - try not to read too much into it. I get this way every time I hike or snow shoe. Move! :)


on September 15, 2012
at 07:51 PM

it might be because alot of blood rushes to your stomach!! im sot sure but it makes sense ;)

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