Generalised soreness under skin when not on PALEO

Answered on April 08, 2014
Created January 30, 2014 at 10:28 AM

Hi there. I cannot find any information on this but it is really bugging me. If I stop eating Paleo, after a couple of days I start getting a generalised soreness feeling under my skin (legs, core and arms). I feel the pain especially if I jump or if I rub my skin. Its not the skin itself and its not at all my muscles. My non-paleo colleagues just think I'm crazy.

Does anyone know WHAT is going on? It has to be some kind of response to either sugar, gluten, grains in general... Is it a common inflammatory response?



on April 08, 2014
at 06:47 AM

I have this same problem... I've noticed that I have had it for years - if I eat too much sugar and processed food, I get this type of soreness all over the next day.

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on April 08, 2014
at 11:45 AM

The symptoms look like Dysesthesia a class of neurological disorder. Cutaneous dysesthesia is characterized by discomfort or pain from touch to the skin by normal stimuli, including clothing. The unpleasantness can range from a mild tingling to blunt, incapacitating pain.


There are many different reasons as to what can cause dysesthesia but it develops because a person has lesions, which are an abnormal or damaged area of tissue, somewhere in your nervous system.


The symptoms that a person may have depend on the type of dysesthesia they have. People have described it as feeling like having acid under their skin. There can be feelings of pain or discomfort and feeling uncomfortable. The pain can range from mild to excruciating.


on April 08, 2014
at 09:13 AM

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