Does CRP reflect 06 intake?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 02, 2011 at 6:50 PM

My main source of 06 intake is nuts. I might eat chicken once a week or less and eat no seed oils or processed food. I have to eat in restaurants once every 6 weeks or so when I travel for work but primarily eat salad with olive oil and vinegar.

Recent interviews I have heard with Chris Kessler have made me think about decreasing my nut intake. My CRP is pretty low at 0.4, so I wonder if my nut intake is OK. I probably have 2-3 small handfuls per day. Some days I eat a tablespoon of almond butter as well. Any thoughts?

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on March 02, 2011
at 07:25 PM

Keep in mind that you can suddenly start eating a perfect o3:o6 ratio and it could take years for all of your cells to turnover with the correct membrane compositions. High turnover cells will change the fastest, but many will take a long time to degrade and be replaced with the correct raw materials.

My CRP is also .4, which is probably leagues ahead of the average person, but it will take time for it to lower further. I ate huge amounts of chicken when I started paleo, so even then my o6 intake was pretty high. If you are eating the flesh of grass-fed ruminants primarily, then just give it time.

As for nuts, I would say that you should only eat macadamias since they have the best fatty acid profile. Unless you're crowding other nutrients out of your diet, it probably doesn't matter if your intake remains at the aforementioned level forever.

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