Are there any foods or supplements that help boost one's immune system?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 02, 2012 at 12:30 AM

I was wondering what, if any, foods and/or supplements that help to boost your immune system. I have been getting reoccurring (group a) strep infections in my leg since 2001, when I had a super severe strep infection that got in my blood stream and started producing necrotizing fasciitis and all that fun stuff...

Anyways, obviously I try to reduce my susceptibility as much as possible, since I don't want to have to be on antibiotics very often. I just wanted to know if there was anything else I could do to help boost my immune system, to possibly help with the infections.


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on October 02, 2012
at 12:48 AM

I have strep throat right now. Yay! But seriously, I almost never get sick. Here are some ideas you may take or leave which may hopefully be of some help:

  1. May sound weird but don't over wash. Don't be a Howie Mandel and use so much hand sanitizer you strip all the good bacteria off your skin and kill all your natural antibodies. I try to expose myself to some germs so that when I do encounter them, they won't affect me as much.

  2. Lots of berries, green tea (or black even), probiotics to rebuild the good bacteria in you stomach that the antibiotics have killed, and a ton of different veggies. I'm about to start juicing after watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". Not fasting, but juicing. I started craving yummy delicious veggies watching that and figure how else can I get such a HUGE portion of veggies in my diet. I don't have all day to chew that sh*t.

  3. Sleep a lot. In a pitch dark room, sans electronics, with earplugs even. You need solid blocks of sleep to produce HGH, which is how the body heals itself.

  4. Laugh and be grateful. I mean, like it's your job. Spend 30 mins a day watching hilarious videos or reading sites and another 10-15 minutes appreciating everything you have with such an open heart that it feels like your chest is literally opening up and sun is shining out. That must sound crazy, but I do it and it makes me feel amazing. Stress kill, I truly believe that, and laughter, happiness and gratitude keep you young and healthy.

  5. Play. Like a kid. Be silly, kick up, enjoy life. Don't worry what other people think. Don't worry at all. Learn to live in the now. If you have to meditate to get there, do that (see #4). Just try to live every day like it's your last (sooo cheesy) and to paraphrase Steve Jobs, if you wake up too many days in a row and you aren't totally stoked about what you're doing today, change it, whether it's your job, career (yes they're different), friends, situation, attitude, whatever. Read all the happy, motivating cr*p you can get your hands on and believe it.


on March 18, 2013
at 06:02 AM

Yes!! There are very good and healthy treatments from which we can boost our immune system like you may try supplements or the best way can be to use natural treatments like taking honey with milk or using olive leaf extract, you may try these methods that would really help you a lot!!



on October 02, 2012
at 01:40 AM

There herbs, particularly medicinal mushrooms that are proven to boost the immune system. Mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shiitake, and Lions Mane all have immune-strengthening polysaccharides. Look 'em up. There are a LOT of studies done on these mushrooms, all very promising.

The world of myco-medicinals surprised me when I first stepped foot into it. And I'm still in it. These are truly powerful herbs.


on October 02, 2012
at 01:04 AM

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant. It's wonderful to help preserve vision.

I have been researching immune boosters lately because the one that always works for me may not be Paleo, (and I'm about to start a separate thread about it) but it's a serious immunity boost... A blend by Enzymatic Therapy called Cell Forte Max 3. I have used it two years in a row when the seasons change and I get it cold. It knocks it out immediately. I stumbled acrossed it when looking for Maitake Gold because I had a sample of that once and it did the same thing. So I thought it was the Maitake that made this stuff so potent but they actually sell two of the constituents in the Max3 blend by themselves (inositol & IP-6) and it's used to prevent and treat cancer. I looked them up online and that's where I learned that the inositol is derived from rice bran or other grains/legumes. That's a bit of a concern to me but I've seen first hand how well it works.

I have also tried a blend of Maitake with some other adaptogenic mushrooms and that never seemed to do anything to help me feel better when I took it.

Because of my dilemma and need for further research I decided to buy some adaptogenic herbs instead of the Max3. I bought Ashwaghanda in a tablet form, Holy Basil (tea - it's called Numi), and a liquid extraction of Melissa with other herbs. I also bought VitD because it's supposed to help knock out colds but that's not what you're looking for here.

Adaptogens are neat because they help in multiple ways, kind of fixing whatever it is that ails you at the moment, hence the name. Anyhow, I bought all that stuff yesterday and took it and I feel better today. I'm still going to research the other stuff and find out if it's a crucial element missing from the paleo diet. I read a study that suggested that it might be. http://m.jn.nutrition.org/content/133/11/3778S.full



on October 02, 2012
at 12:34 AM

i have been hearing great things about astaxanthin. i just ordered mine last week actually and am waiting it's arrival. the brand is Bioastin.

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