Need to prepare before giving LeanGains eating window a go?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 27, 2012 at 1:44 PM

I'm interested in trying out the LeanGains 8-hour eating window, but I'm wondering if it's something to jump right into, or gradually work up to?

I've been eating paleo for about 8 months, and I've had about the same meal schedule for that whole period. Usually I train fasted at 5:30, eat breakfast around 6:45, lunch around 11:45, and dinner 7ish. Then bed at 9.

Should I slowly make my first meal later and smush together mealtimes -- or just decide that tomorrow I'm only eating between noon and 8:00?

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6 Answers



on January 27, 2012
at 02:31 PM

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with just jumping in. (I'm not sure what you would do to prepare anyways.) I naturally follow a "leangains eating window" everyday whether I exercise or not (a.k.a. intermittent fasting). I just prefer to skip lunch and leave work early.



on January 27, 2012
at 08:03 PM

For me, it happened gradually and the key was eating a large breakfast. A large breakfast including red meat left me full long enough that another meal 4-6 hours later was all I wanted and it was no hardship at all to wait for the next breakfast.

Otherwise, I agree with the others that it's fine however you choose to experiment--including freedom to choose that it's not for you yet.



on January 27, 2012
at 07:57 PM

if you kept your breakfast time and started the 8 hr window then, all that would determine success is how you responded to eating "more" in less time. if stress isnt an issue you can push back your breakfast as long as your comfortable, as you may not need to eat immediately post workout.



on January 27, 2012
at 02:48 PM

Personally I jumped straight in without any problems.

Easiest I found was to have my last meal the evening before and then fast right through to lunch, which in my case was 14:00.

I wake at 6:30, train from 7:00 to 7:40, get to work for 9:00 (5 minutes away) have a double espresso and that carries me through to 14:00 quite fine. As an added extra I find that taking BCAA pre-workout really helps.

This is my current schedule: http://paleohacks.com/questions/77020/leangains-if-schedule-guidance



on January 27, 2012
at 02:45 PM

I quite literally had the same story as you, paleo for about 6 months, same training, eating, and sleeping times. I started IFing a month ago and have lost 7 lbs. I LOVE it. It has freed me from constantly thinking about and planning for my next meal. I went in cold turkey, no adjustment period, and I usually eat 11-7 or 12-8. I still train at 5:30 am. The hunger is only bad for the first few days then your body adjusts and its fine. Hot water with lemon during the morning fast makes all the difference in the world. I supposed tea or coffee would too but I don't drink caffeine. Good luck!!


on January 27, 2012
at 02:04 PM

There's not much risk of harm in trying it any way you like. You should be able to go straight into it from your current diet, just make lunch bigger and skip dinner. Or else wait until you're hungry to have breakfast - there's different experiences on eating/appetite after a workout. However, as I understand it LeanGains goes with eating after a workout so you need to decide what approach you want to take - or try different ones.

A lot of people work into it, stretching their meals an hour at a time until they end up running into each other, but unless you're scared of being hungry I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Just accept that you might misjudge your needs a bit and be hungry sometimes at first but that you can always change things.

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