How can I help my wife with her IBS/Stomach Pain and get off PPIs

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 22, 2012 at 9:38 PM

My wife has had problems with her intestines and stomach pain/acid for the past 10 years. I showed her the FODMAP diet and she tried that and it had positive results with her IBS issues, but she still has Stomach pain/acid. She still takes PPIs(Nexium, she has for a long time) but we are working on removing that from her diet as well. She eats gluten free mostly, lactose free. She doesn't really like raw fruits and veggies but I lightly steam them for her. She eats chex or other rice basec cereals in the morning with skim lactose free. She had a test for Celiac a while back with negative results, she doesn't have Crohn's but its in her family. Shes not really paleo, although she is trying to cut back on grains after she saw my 15 lb weight loss in 5 weeks :). What do you suggest we try?

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4 Answers



on October 22, 2012
at 11:51 PM

Echo the grains sentiment. BTW, theres usually wheat products in "rice" cereals. Look at the ingredients list.

If fodmaps is working, she might also try lowering her carb intake, and fiber intake (both of which are also fermentables). Glucose is the least fermentable carb, because it absorbs immediately. Sounds like here diet is high carb.

Its just worth giving this some consideration: fodmaps are excluded because bacteria can eat them. Bacteria can also eat fiber (the soluble kind) and starch. If fodmaps has help, it indicates the problem may well be bacterial imbalance, or overgrowth.

Whats definately worth trying, is some homemade stock (aka bone broth). That is profoundly gut healing. If your guts a bit wounded, not it top shape, this is always a go too. You can use it for soups, stews or even drink it straight. Bone broth has a triad of gut helpful compounds. The gelatin coats the gut lining, preventing further damage, and easing the motion of food. Then inside the broth, theres also glutamine, and glucosamine, which can be used directly by the body to heal the mucosa (gut lining).

Also probiotics can balance bacteria, but some people find them more useful, and some have reactions (especially those with overgrowth). An easy mild one, is just plain old yogurt. It can be a godsend, or a mildly bad idea to go full hog with probiotics with bacterial issues.

This website will cover some of the varied issues she may be facing:


You may have alot of experimentation ahead of you, to figure what works and what doesnt. She will need to commit to that, if your to get a resolution.



on October 22, 2012
at 11:09 PM

In my experience (and that of my clients) it is unlikely that she will be able to heal her gut until she goes completely gluten-free.



on October 22, 2012
at 10:28 PM

Cutting grains completely made me realize they are the only thing that gives me heartburn. Could she commit to trying it for a few weeks?



on October 22, 2012
at 11:25 PM

When I cut out ALL GRAINS (and pseudo grains) entirely my stomach pain entirely disappeared. Within days. Dairy is not an issue, it was the grains -- oats, rice, quinoa, wheat products of course... Mine was also BIG TIME stress related, the stomach pain.. if that helps

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