Can a stool test measure for SIBO?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 10, 2013 at 3:24 PM

I have IBS with bloating and cramping as the major symptoms.

I did a hydrogen breath test for SIBO many years ago which came back negative. Last year my naturopath ordered a comprehensive stool parasitology, which showed no dysbiosis. I recently asked that naturopath whether this test would have indicated SIBO, if I had it. He wrote back: "I believe this test does measure more of the large intestine flora than the small intestine, but I would also suspect that overgrowth would be abnormal from these results if SIBO was present."

I wasn't a huge fan of this guy, felt I knew more than he did, so I just want to run this by you guys. What do you think - does a clear stool test indicate no SIBO?

I manage to control my symptoms somewhat with a low-FODMAP, nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free Paleo diet, but it's still a daily issue for me.



on March 11, 2013
at 02:04 AM

Also Dr. Siebecker (siboinfo.com) recommends taking a hydrogen/methane test since a stool test can be misleading).



on March 10, 2013
at 05:56 PM

I would go for a breath test if I were you to make sure.

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on March 10, 2013
at 06:15 PM

No, it is my understanding that a stool test is a glimpse of what is happening in the large intestine, not small. However, what he responded does make sense on a purely logical level. Not sure if he is accurate, but I almost buy it ;)

I think self experimentation is sometimes more indicative of SIBO bc the tests can all be so unreliable. I have read before that a good measure of SIBO is to track how you feel after EVERY MEAL regardless of what you eat. If, within 30 minutes of eating anything you get the pain, gas, burping then SIBO is the culprit. If it is not after every meal then it is likely some other issue.

For me, I long suspected IBS/SIBO/Food sensitivities and explored many paths and self tests, stool tests, etc. Turns out that it is likely just a dysbiosis. I don't have any parasites or anything, no H. Pylori.. I just don't have enough of the good guys. Also, oral bacteria was present in my stool test which is indicative of inadequate gut flora and at least a low level oral infection.

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