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Commented on September 18, 2018
Created January 22, 2012 at 11:33 PM

Hi all, this isn't a strictly Paleo question but since you all know so much about colonic health, I thought you may have some insights. I've had IBS for 15 years - onset corresponded with anorexia at age 20. Done lots of testing and treatments for it, but still really struggling.

Stool tests in 2006 and just recently in November 2011 showed the presence of a parasite, blastocystis hominis. Which apparently lots of people are walking around with and which may or may not be symptom-causing. Since otherwise my bacterial profile isn't too bad (low in a few good ones, but no bad ones), my naturopath figures it's worthwhile to try to eradicate the b.hominis to see if that improves my IBS.

He prescribed a herbal mix consisting of: black walnut hulls, paracress, usnea, oregon grape, white atractylodes and licorice, along with 4 drops oregano oil twice a day. 2 hours apart from when I take my probiotic. This was back in December right before Xmas vacation, I was super stressed at work which always worsens my gut, and also I think oregano oil is just too strong for me - my gut felt super irritated, I was constipated but the stools I did have were liquid, so I quit both the herbal tincture and the oregano oil for a while so I would be in better shape for my vacation.

Well, now I'm back to wanting to get rid of this parasite. I'm not seeing the naturopath right now (long story), but wondering if I should go back to taking JUST the black walnut tincture. Is that enough to get rid of b.hominis? Anything else I should try? A previous naturopath gave me something called Artestatin for it, but clearly it didn't work since that was in 2008 and I still have nasty critter.

UPDATE: I am still taking these herbs from my naturopath, but the more I read about b.hominis, the more I'm reading that herbs don't work. In fact it seems most treatments don't work. My gastroenterologist wants me to do 14 days on Flagyl (metronizadole) but what I've read suggests it's not very effective - less that 30%. And it's a strong antibiotic so may do more damage than good. The drugs that seem more effective are not available in Canada. But maybe Flagyl is not so bad and I need to stop getting all my medical advice from scary internet sites. IF ANYONE HAS ANY RESOURCES/EXPERIENCE with B.HOMINIS and the BEST TREATMENTS FOR IT, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.



on September 18, 2018
at 05:47 PM

hinojo extract liquid  1 month sintom free.



on August 23, 2018
at 11:12 AM

I hope the OP has found some relief.  I have posted some of our experience with this parasite on my own post ( will see if I can add a link to that below) 

the main thing that has helped us is moving to a paleo style ketogenic diet. By which I mean removing all starches and sugars from the diet and being careful with fiber too (just aggravates an inflamed gut). we mainly eat meat, olives, pickles, eggs and small to medium amounts of green / non-starch veg like fine green beans, rocket and lettuce salad. it helps considerable and may even be leading to a very slow recovery on its own. we also find an HCL supplement with pepsin and bitters helps considerably and almost immediately, improves energy, reduces brain fog and normalizes stools  - as its clear this illness has caused us low stomach acid and undigested proteins cause lots of downstream effects.

I wanted to post here in case anyone can help. per my other thread, I am looking for labs that offer PCR based testing of stool samples for this parasite as I suspect the typical tests used ( Drs Data etc ) use only direct microscopy which is known to be variable sensitivity for this organism. as a result, many people may test negative for this organism even if they have it. 

If we could find a source of PCR based testing I think it may help many others here.


on February 18, 2017
at 10:00 PM

hey whatsup,


i was reading your article and all the comments from years ago and i was wondering if any1 is still active on here? currently having b hominis myself right now tried everything from MTZ (flagyl) to oregano oil nothing worked did you manage to find a solution after all these years?


please let me now id really appreciate it!




on April 18, 2016
at 03:38 AM

I was diagnosed with blastocystis homini last December. My doctor (Dr Maria Mackey from YourHealth Manly) prescribed Flagyll first to see if it got rid of it. It didn't.

Today, my husband and I have started taking a 10 day course of secnidazole, norfloxacin and diloxanide furoate. Apparently this is hard hitting to your system as it's pretty much like a machine gun that fires at good and bad bacteria. No side effects yet.

I was encouraged that someone commented above that they have done a very similar antibiotics course, and it got rid of it! 

I have been reading about how hard it is to get rid of, even with strong antibiotics, so it's nice to know that it definitely can get rid of it.

Dr Mackey has told us we should not have ANY sugar during the course, as it feeds on sugar.

Some of the symptoms I have had over the years that could be related to having blastocystis hominis have been terrible eczema (I am 26 years old), general tiredness/fatigue but not chronic fatigue, and developing a sensitivity to gluten, raw red onion and the skin of nuts (weird!).

This set of antibiotics is only our second attempt at killing it, so I haven't tried natural approaches - which I am not against.

Unfortunately my husband has it too, and it's very likely I gave it to him!



on March 28, 2016
at 01:54 PM

I tested positive for blasto some years ago. Negative in the latest test. I am still symptomatic. Abdominal pain, diarrhea, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, ... Reading through the answers of this question makes it obvious that there is no consensus when it comes to blasto.



on January 21, 2014
at 05:42 AM

Look into pinworms and d fragilis


on December 12, 2013
at 05:44 AM

Thank Angie, that is all really good advice. Probiotics also made me feel worse especially when taken at night. All symptoms worsened by the morning. Do you think this could be dieoff?



on July 15, 2013
at 08:51 PM

Yes I have exchanged several emails with the woman who runs that website. I actually did a course of Flagyl in February 2012, was tested a few months later and it seems to have gotten rid of the parasite. No relief for my IBS symptoms, though. :(



on April 13, 2013
at 06:50 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience. I ended up taking a high dose of Flagyl for 2 weeks (have never felt so awful, wow that drug is harsh). That was a year ago. I just did a stool test last week, awaiting the results to see if the blasto is still hanging around. But unlike you I felt no different after taking the drugs, IBS is the same, so I'm not sure blasto is the source of my problems. Good luck with getting relief again!



on January 23, 2012
at 12:06 AM

Is it possible the negative symptoms you had were signs the remedy was working? If so, it might be worth trying again and seeing if you can stick with it a little longer. If it does work, you should then feel much better.

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on March 25, 2016
at 02:51 PM


I don't have an answer to this question but I am in the process of getting rid of Blasto as well.

I tested positivitly in the 'moderate' zone for blasto in January 2016. Have been doing low FODMAPs/low carb and taking a variety of supplements, specifically GI Synergy, twice a day for the last 8 weeks. That supplement has some of the herbs you mentioned. Along with a slew of other herbs for low IgA, adrenal fatigue/HPA axis dysregulation, low thyroid function and IBS like symptoms (most likely from the Blasto)

I have no desire to take Flagyl either! My naturopath prescribed a 30-day Alinia treatment but it was $1400 under my insurance, whew! So I am trying the herbal route though I understand, after researching on the internet (which is never wrong, btw), that herbals are often not enough to get rid of blasto. *Crossing fingers* that it does dispose of Blasto. 

I take another stool test in a few days so I'll let you know how that goes. I really empathize with getting rid of this bugger. Such a jerk. 


on January 12, 2015
at 07:24 AM

I have suffered very similarly over many years. I tried EVERY natural remedy and diet possible. Nothing worked. Last year in September, I finally found a doctor who is also a natropath who gave me the CORRECT antibiotic treatment for blasto. It was horrible but after YEARS of debilitating symptoms and having to severely  limit my diet in order to try to avoid symptoms, to I am finally free to eat WITHOUT ANY symptoms! 
I hope that the information in this message helps and informs people about the only antibiotic treatment that works and won't have to rely on their GPs that just prescribe Flagyl and wash their hands of the inefficiency of this treatment. 
This is the treatment that my doctor/natropath gave me that eventually managed to kill this bug and allowed me to get my life back:
1) Secnidazole (400mg): 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days
2) Diloxanide Furoate (500mg): 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days
3) Septrin DS: 1 tablet at breakfast and one at dinner for 10 days
This information could be taken to a sympathetic GP who could write a prescription for this treatment. However, only Septrin is available at pharmacies (at least here in Australia). The other two antibiotics had to be 'made up' by a compounding chemist. There is only one here in Australia that I know of that does it. Their details are: Sydney Compounding Chemist Shop 143 Carlingford Court, Carlingford NSW 2118. Tel: 61-2-9871 7533.
IMPORTANT: During the antibiotic treatment, the patient MUST also take a twice daily dose of a high quality supplement containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (boulardii) (250g). The patient should continue to take this supplement for at least 30 days after finishing the antibiotics too. I was recommended SB Floractiv by Bioceuticals. The antibiotics will kill both good and bad bacteria so it is important to supplement with this beneficial yeast that is not killed by the antibiotics.
VERY IMPORTANT: After the antibiotic treatment, the patient MUST re-establish good bacteria with a potent, high quality probiotic. I was prescribed UltraFlora Restore by Metagenics - this supplement also contains colostrum which helps to re-colonise the gut with good bacteria. I was prescribed one a day for a minimum of 2 weeks after finishing the antibiotics. I continued to take them for two months just to be sure.
I really hope that this information will be useful to all of the other people who suffer everyday with this parasite. Hopefully one day, the medical community will also wake up to itself! 

Best regards,



on February 07, 2015
at 09:01 AM

Hi Meisha,

I have been diognosed with blasto and the treatment prescribed is exactly as you've described (I have an enlightened Doctor); I have started today, so for the next 10 days I'm on the same antibiotics.  How will I know when blasto is all gone? Will I feel remarkably different as I've felt tired and worn out for as long as I remember. The doctor has told me I will feel sick during the treatment; did you?  Will I lose weight at all? Apologies for asking so many quesitons but as you've writtent exactly what I'm embarking on, I'm curious... 

Any help would be apprecited.  Thanks.


on February 10, 2015
at 12:52 AM

Hi Meisha,


I am also a blasto sufferer from Sydney. Just wondering if youc ould let me know name and contact detail of the dr you obtained this prescription from.



on October 20, 2015
at 11:05 PM

Hey Meisha

This sounds so great but having trouble finding a sympathetic doctor, are you able to give me the details on your dr?



Tash :)



on October 24, 2015
at 11:44 PM

Hi Chris,

Having been prescribed the same treatment as you but yet to commence, could you kindly let me/us know on how your outcome after treatment was? I have surfed the Internet tirelessly and have been going around in circles regarding treatment as I think we are still in the early days of understanding this ever so common parasite. CDD (Centre Digestive Disease) Sydney regarding Blasto for those of us in Australia  seems up there with the lasting on testing and conventional treatment. Would love to know more regarding natural therapy, radiation and outcomes as well. I hope that you are now on the mend Chris.




on April 14, 2014
at 09:10 PM

4years ago I was finally diagnosed with blasto and dientamoeba fragillis after 20 years of CFS and all the symptoms that go with it. My initial reading was a 3+. It was my naturopath that finally diagnosed me. I had contracted them from my pet rabbits and guinea pigs I had when I was 14.

I would like to share what has worked for me personally, so I might be able to help others. I did all of the antibiotics that I could (I’m allergic to penicillin, so I was limited) bit none of them worked. I did herbal colon cleanses (black walnut, wormwood etc ), which cleared out some but certainly not all, keeping in mind 20years of parasites means there’s billions and trillions of them. After countless nights of surfing the net about these little buggers, I stumbled across a study that found a particular enzyme will break down the fatty cell of these amoebas and after researching this enzyme it is found to be in bee pollen, raw honey and propolis etc. those three things have become my best friends. I ate bee pollen in everything! I paired it with the honey, I chewed on propolis. I stayed away from sugar as much as possible and anything that converts easily to sugar (honey didn’t seem to be an issue), I also stayed away from probiotics. For me, the probiotics just seemed to feed them and the pain was excruciating. I have now had a probiotic everyday since January, and I have no pain at all. I have much more energy and a clearer head (no more brain fog!). My body is still healing as 20 years of damage needs to be repaired but I feel better everyday and I am trying to add more paleo meals to my diet, because I feel these parasites were literally sucking the life out of me, so I am flooding my cells with as many nutrients as I can, lots of raw foods and omega 3's.

I'd love to hear from anyone who gives this a try.





on August 22, 2014
at 03:54 AM

Hi Becky,

Thanks for sharing.

Can you tell us the name of the enzyme please :-)



on September 07, 2014
at 11:21 PM

Hi Becky, I'm really interested in your use of bee pollen and honey products for blastocystis, can you please give me a general idea of how much you had daily and how you took it? I would really appreciate it, thankyou Nessy


on April 13, 2013
at 02:21 PM

Hey there. Just wanted to share my experience with the dreaded Blasto. To cut a long story short I put up with this for about 8 month before my doctor finally detected and treated it. Was on flagyl for 3 weeks (taken after food as it's pretty strong) and after the second day taking it I suddenly felt like a new man. Currently I'm back on the road travelling again (for approx 11 months around SE Asia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc) and after having some bad shrimp in Myanmar I suspect that it's back. Have had the same symptoms for the past 6 weeks and after taking Cipro and another anti biotic (plus anti-inflams, buscopan etc) it hasn't done the trick. Hoping to scope out an english doctor in Chongqing or Beijing in the coming days and fingers cross that flagyl comes to the rescue again. Good luck!



on April 13, 2013
at 06:50 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience. I ended up taking a high dose of Flagyl for 2 weeks (have never felt so awful, wow that drug is harsh). That was a year ago. I just did a stool test last week, awaiting the results to see if the blasto is still hanging around. But unlike you I felt no different after taking the drugs, IBS is the same, so I'm not sure blasto is the source of my problems. Good luck with getting relief again!


on November 12, 2012
at 07:38 PM

Just came across this, and thought I'd put in some perspective as a natural health care practitioner.

First, with IBS for 15 years, it's naive to expect quick results. It can take about 3 months of treatment per year sick to really get over the problem. That doesn't mean this case would necessarily take 4 years, but it will most likely take some time.

Also, what isn't stated is what else (if anything) did come up on lab tests. What about inflammatory markers, digestive capability, etc...

Anti-parasitic herbs can be very harsh on the digestive tract. Things that are intended to kill stuff off, are not going to be that gentle. Honestly, if this happens to someone while following a prescribed protocol, the best thing to do is go back the prescribing practitioner. That gives the practitioner the opportunity to see how you respond, and make appropriate adjustments if needed. I'm not saying to stick it out with someone after months of no results, but too many people will go to a practitioner (naturopath, nutritionist, chiropractor, etc...), and then immediately switch to someone else if the slightest thing goes wrong.

In above case, the patient is looking for the single magic bullet for this problem. Blasocystis maybe a problem, but after 15 years of IBS, it is probably not the only problem. Other parasites, gut dysbiosis, inflammation, allergic response can also contribute to IBS. What's really needed is a comprehensive approach.

When working with a naturopathic doctor (or someone else in natural health) on a plan over a few months, these different factors can be addressed one at a time. Often a practitioner will be aware of several issues, but can't go after everything at once.

As for specific agents to treat, it is impossible for some random person online to know what you need, especially based on information above. It's not a question of what kills blatocystis, but what do you need. For example, berberine is a great herb for gut dysbiosis, but cooling. It's not something I use for clients with a very cold constitution. Just because some herb wiped out blastocystis for one person, doesn't mean it's what you need.

But there are other considerations. What about stress. Sometimes if stress is very bad (with directly suppresses digestive and immune system function) I'll use calming herbs or supplements to help the body cope with the stress. Then after doing that, with possibly anti-inflammatory supplements, I'll use harsher anti-parasitic herbs.

I also tend to not only use one anti-parasitic. I rotate formulas from month to month, as I find after a while people do better on something different. After all, there is probably more then just one thing that needs to be killed off. For example what if there is both blatocystis and candida and klebsiella?

Nautropathic medicine is not about treating the disease, it's about treating the person. I would suggest finding someone you have a rapport with, and giving that person a few months.

IBS is not something that just goes away. 15 years, or 30 years, it sticks around unless treated well. People do tend to help symptoms by self treating with supplements such as probiotics and oregano, but a truly holistic, tailor made plan, put together by a professional is going to get many people a lot further along the road to recover, then trying to bandaid symptoms with supplements.



on June 07, 2012
at 08:44 PM

You might want to check this website out: http://www.hydroholistic.com/blog/nutrition/10-foods-that-help-get-rid-of-parasites/

Especially the coconut oil and garlic are known to have very strong anti-parasite properties.

EDIT: I have no guarantees whatsoever this will work (I never have :) ), but I do think it's worth trying or at least just checking it out. I have no expertise with the parasite you mentioned either, but I do have some experience with trying to get rid of parasites in general by using coconut oil and garlic, so I do think there's some useful advice on the website mentioned above.


on September 18, 2018
at 05:44 PM

hinojo  liquid extarct  1 month symptom free


on September 09, 2018
at 06:07 PM

Hinojo, foeniculum vulgare extract,mitigate sintoms for 1 month,better thn antibiotic.

¿ do you know a place more active speak this infection?


on March 25, 2016
at 03:40 AM

There is a very potent but inexpensive herb remedy for protozoan infections such as blastocystis (with minimal side effects) called simarouba.

It, along with wild oregano oil capsules & saffron tea, (and taking enzymes/prebiotics 2 hrs from any of the above) has helped me reign in a chronic blastocystis infection that I've had for 12 years.

Good luck :-)



on March 13, 2016
at 07:05 PM

Rene, don't do the Flagyl if you can help it. I was hospitalized for four days after having a reaction to it. The pain was so severe,  I was screaming, and they almost did an emergency appendectomy, assuming I had a burst appexdix. It took my husband to make the connection to the Flagyl. This kind of reaction is rare, but what's worse is that it messed up my digestive system even worse than before. Candida so bad I had thrush coating my entire mouth, and terrible reflux, too, in addition to the colitis symptoms that I started with. I've cut out sugar from my diet, even fruit, I'm taking probiotics (400bn for 5 days), three crushed cloves of garlic a day, 2 tbs of coconut oil, and enzymes until I can get in to see a Chinese Medicine doc. They have made good progress in China without the use of prescription meds. Google: Treatment Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicines Against Intestinal Protozoan 


on January 21, 2014
at 03:01 AM

Hi I too have the blasto? Been feeling like yuck since June 2013. Some diarrhea but more constipation. My husband diagnosed positive (stool) I tested negative. Therefore, I must be crazy! My symptoms are: fatigue, brain foggy (bad) achy joints mainly hips and legs, skin rashes legs, face, and shingles this past Thanksgiving. Also, vaginal yeast infection 4 months now. I treat, it goes away for a week or so and then comes back. Oh, and don't want to forget the anal itching! I'm not making light I'm just exhausted. Dr. Put me on flagyl one week. It just made me so nauseous but no better. I'm now trying probiotic and no carb diet however, I know it's not going to make this go away it just might help me feel better. I'm praying this parasite yeast will finally wear itself out. Maybe more funding will help research to take this seriously. I'm very concerned my immune system will not be able to withstand a greater force. Sincerely, sherlyn



on January 21, 2014
at 05:42 AM

Look into pinworms and d fragilis


on December 12, 2013
at 05:41 AM



Chilli - 1 teaspoon

Lemon- juice of 1

Onion - 1 chopped

Garlic- 2 cloves crushed or chopped

in a cup of wamr water.

drink upon waking and just before bedtime.

For two weeks daily, this will rid your gut of all parasites and their cysts (eggs)

If blastocystis is endemic in India, Asia and Africa, and those regions are highly populated with vibrant populations, then what are they doing to deal with the parasites? They are thriving depsite the parasites.

I had blasto and my doctor gave me metronidazole which is flagyll. two courses did not get rid of it.

my naturopath said it was because the parasite develops a coccoon, a biofilm, a protective film around it.

with a herbal tincture we broke down the biofilm, for two months.

now i am on INTESTACLEAR to kill the blasto and SB Floractive to replace gut flora to build up immunity to parasites and infections.

call the Lismore NSW store 'traditional medicinals.'

BUT cultural foods have dealt with parasites: chilli onion garlic etc

This is my morning cup of tea for burning away parasites and the eggs

try an Asian grocery store if you can't find these in supermarkets

400mls hot water

1/4 teaspoon chilli powder

1/4 hot paprika powder

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1/4 teaspoon nigella

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg powder

1/4 clove powder

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon strong green tea leaves from Asian

1 teaspoon black tea

stir gently, strain and drink as hot as possible.

After this drink

200 mls warm water with 2 teaspoons slippery elm and 2 tablespoons wheatgerm to push the dead parasites out of your system

then eat breakfast. sugar feeds parasites so avoid it.

I eat scrambled eggs and chicken with vegies.

after breakfast take 2 SB Floractive.

drink the chilli tea before bed also to stop any hatching eggs in your gut a terrible surprise and stop them from growing. if you the tea keeps you awake just leave out the green tea and black tea and have the powders in water.

I find I am really healing by doing all this and avoiding bread, sugar and dairy.

Brain fog is gone, eye blurriness less, body aches much less, mood much better, energy better, no cravings, rarely hungry, skin vibrant again like in my twenties!


age 46

NSW Australia


on November 20, 2013
at 09:03 PM

Hi, I have been a sufferer for 3 out of the last 10 years. Most of this time I have been symptom free.

I was diagnosed again with a mid range infection yesterday.

I refused to go down the antibiotic path and didn't like the statistics at all (when I checked 8 years ago) as they were still shooting darts at dartboards if you ask me (and I didn't want to be a dartboard).

I strongly believe that we are all individuals and that protocols need to be tailored to suit. IBS has a list of bodily impacts that you really don't want to aggravate. Personally, I believe that when someone is sick with Blasto it feels remarkably similar to IBS (given that it is a syndrome and therefore not concretely diagnosable that is highly likely).

The protocol that worked for me was:

Picoprep - yep the stuff that clears you out for a colonoscopy - improved my condition by 50% alone within a two week period.

NO probiotics - I strongly believe that my Blasto was feeding on them - ie. everytime I used them I felt LOTS worse

Limited complex carbohydrates - always felt worse on them.

Then I took 10 different herbs as drop doses (4 drops 4 times per day for 5 days, then 5 days nothing, then go again). The rationale is that not all herbs work for everyone's Blasto and that Blasto repopulates every few days. By taking the herbs on and off, they are attacking the new eggs coming through and killing them before them grow up and thus reducing the population. Herbs and oils used were:-

Oregano Oil, Gentian, Quassia Amara, Pau d'arco, Grapefruit seed extract, Garlic oil, Olive Leaf extract, Wormwood, Clove Extract, and another one that escapes me.

De-stress - this is one of my biggest understandings. Stress lowers your immune system and then your body can't fight.

I am not completely sure that there is anything such thing as cured from Blasto, I think it lays low and comes visiting when stressful times come again.

After treatment, I would also recommend that you have your secretory IgA levels checked as if they can be improved then it should reduce the chances of you getting flare-ups

Good luck! Angie


on December 12, 2013
at 05:44 AM

Thank Angie, that is all really good advice. Probiotics also made me feel worse especially when taken at night. All symptoms worsened by the morning. Do you think this could be dieoff?


on August 12, 2013
at 12:36 AM

Hi there,

I've been diagnosed with the dreaded blasto as well. The doctor prescribed the flagyl (I think) as the first attempt at getting rid of it, but did warn that it often didn't work. then she prescribed the triple therapy of Nitazoxanide/Furazolidone/Secnidazole - VERY expensive, and made me feel disgusting as the parasite died off and polluted my system. It worked though... for a while. For about 5 months my symptoms subsided (i was constipation-dominant). After a while though, my symptoms returned, worse than before. I went back to the doctor and she sent me to a nutritionist who said they often saw people who had post-infection IBS.

Anyway, cut a long story short, I tried the low-FODMAPS diet (ugh! so restrictive) for a little while with no real effect. Now they think I might be infected with the blasto again - waiting for tests to come back. I do wonder what is the point of getting rid of it when you can be re-infected sop easily and the treatment is so expensive (A$150-ish!!) My doctor said they were having quite good success with a herbal treatment though. You might want to contact UClinic in Sydney for more information.


on July 15, 2013
at 01:45 PM


you should look into this. I wish you a peaceful journey with all of this~ Keep your mind strong. Dont fall into being 'sick'...You will get better, because you have to.



on July 15, 2013
at 08:51 PM

Yes I have exchanged several emails with the woman who runs that website. I actually did a course of Flagyl in February 2012, was tested a few months later and it seems to have gotten rid of the parasite. No relief for my IBS symptoms, though. :(


on May 22, 2013
at 04:47 PM

My 9 years old son got infected with E homminis cysts after being on holidays for 4 weeks in in India. Upon returning he had loose motions, was pale looking and had painful stomach cramps, his energy was also very low. My doctors dismissed us and we were told "it will go away itself " I was desperate to find a cure as no doctor was willing to treat this seriously. I decided to try with grapefruit seed extract.I was giving my son 15-20 drops of grapefruit seed extract for good 6 weeks twice a day mixed with water I started off with a few drops at first and gradually build up the dose to 20. If he complained of pain I would reduce the dosage. His weight was 28 kg. Also in the evening I made him a tea from dried Artemisia. It is a very bitter herb but luckily for me my son drank it I would like to stress that it was a dried herb, not the tincture. On top of that I also got him S.Boulardii, but we did not finish the whole bottle.My is free from e homminis for over 2 months now so I consider it to be a success. If you experience stomach ache boil some linseed and strain the seeds while the seeds are still hot and drink the liquid. It does help. Also grated ginger with hot water was calming the upset stomach. Hope it helps.


on April 28, 2013
at 12:09 PM

try faecal transplant and helminth therapy. you can recover and still have blasto.



on June 22, 2012
at 12:35 AM

Have you tried home-made goat kefir? That would be my No1 line of defense personally. Must be home-made to get the full benefits btw.


on January 23, 2012
at 12:33 AM

In general, herbs that kill parasites are going to make you feel pretty weird... especially things like wormwood and black walnut. I know you're asking for specific advice, but I think it would be great to go to another (if the past one isn't an option) naturopath or a professional herbalist. That way they can hang in with you through challenges, adjust dosages, and help you eat and drink in a way that will not only aid the medicines you take, but don't allow bugs to thrive in the gut. Consider acupuncture as well; I've seen it be extremely helpful.

I've had similar issues (similar causes too, as a matter of fact), and I really think this is a big deal that gets pushed under the rug too much because it's so "complicated". I wish you luck and a happier tummy.

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