Can organic wheat still be made from the modern, dwarf wheat hybridized using gamma radiation?

Answered on October 12, 2014
Created October 12, 2014 at 3:26 PM

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Thank you for taking the time to help :) I am curious if even organic wheat can be made from the seed that was modified using gamma radiation, the seed called modern, dwarf, wheat?

Does anyone know then if durum wheat is the same/made from this modern, gamma-ray, dwarf wheat?


Thank you for your time :)

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on October 12, 2014
at 09:15 PM

Hybrid wheat is wheat that has short stems, good yields, and higher resistance to  pests. Short stems nearly eliminate the problem of heads touching the ground in case of rain or wind, which generated crop spoilage. Higher resistance to pests is obtained, mostly, through a large increase in trypsin inhibitors in the seed. So hybrid wheat, at least as introducedin the early 1960s, is simply more toxic than heirloom wheat, to pests or humans. Because it is more toxic you can grow it organically, although it is unclear what the advantage is. If you want an older variety, there is still quite a bit of market for fife wheat.


on October 12, 2014
at 08:47 PM

Hey I should add I have researched a bit and one site does say organic seed can still be modern dwarf wheat that was created using gamma radiation as organic simply means this seed will be grown without i'm sure you all know what :)

But I have only found 1 site so far so I don't know :/

Thanks for your time :)

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