Why am I not feeling great?

Answered on January 29, 2014
Created January 29, 2014 at 5:49 PM

I (25 year old male) started with Paleo around a year ago and compared to a conventional diet I definitely felt better initially, I wouldn???t want to go back to e.g. grains at all. Over the course of the year I???ve been trying out a lot of stuff seeing what works and doesn???t work for me and thought I currently had come up with a good meal plan.

However, this whole month I???m not feeling that great quite often:

- My feelings of hunger are harder to ignore and feel more pressing

- Meals do not seem to fully satiate me even though it seems like I eat plenty of food (definitely enough calories)

- I find it hard to concentrate

- Especially in the afternoon, in which I also feel very tired often

- It feels as if my heart is beating fast

- related to the three points above feel a sort of 'tension' in me

- have to urinate a lot (always have)

- I seem to have gained some body fat

I don???t know what is causing this as I???m having a good meal plan, at least when I compare it with other posts on that subject here on paleohacks.

So let???s go over my day in an nutshell:

Breakfast: 100 grams bacon, 2 eggs, a small onion and some tomato, with a pinch of salt and pepper. A cup of tea. Occasionally I might skip breakfast and drink a cup of butter tea or tea with heavy cream only.

Lunch: A huge salad with diverse vegetables (random mix out of lettuce/tomatoes/cucumber/bell pepper/zucchini/endive mostly), a handful of pine nuts, 2 tbsp of olive oil, vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper, and either some chicken drumsticks or fish (salmon or tuna) coupled with hardboiled egg (at most 2).

Dinner: Diverse vegetables like pumpkin/cauliflower/broccoli/Brussels sprouts/mushrooms. Ca. twice a week white potatoes. Like to mash things like pumpkin, always add some heavy cream if I do so. For meats it might be chicken drumsticks, beef (ground beef or stew meat beef) or pork (pork chop or a fatty cut).

Sometimes have a spoon of almond butter. I cook mostly with butter. Eat two pieces of fruit a day, currently apples and pears as they are in season. Modest amount of dairy (cheese and cream) but I???m Dutch so I???m probably well adapted to it. Used to workout (sprints twice a week) but this month I haven???t done so, but I take an hour walk every day and have to cycle around an hour in total.

So what might be the cause of how I???m feeling? Maybe I can also add that I???m currently living in a stressful period so that may partly be a cause but definitely not for everything.

I???d be very grateful for some advice. :)

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on January 29, 2014
at 11:22 PM

Are you sleeping okay? Stress can cause sleep problems that can really only be worked out by habit changes such as not watching late night TV, avoiding too much social contact or stress in the evenings, and maybe eating some safe starches a couple hours before bed.

Have you tried meticulously tracking your diet for a week or two on cronometer.com and then checking the "trends" tab to see if you're suffering a significant deficiency? Deficiency in even one or two trace nutrients can lead to "not feeling great" and I can attest to this myself.

I would talk about exercise but what you describe is basically my maintenance "feel pretty good" routine: walk/run home a few times a week (less than two miles) and do some yoga/stretching type stuff plus the occasional push-ups or other body weight exercise, take a hike or do something active on the weekend....

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on January 29, 2014
at 06:34 PM

Have you calculated calories in vs. needs? Fats & carb ratios?

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