I am so hungry all the time!

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 23, 2013 at 5:48 AM

I am a female 5'9" and 140 lbs. I want to loose about 5 lbs and have been eating Paleo for about a month now. I have no problem with the food choices and a normal meal for me consists of 2 chicken thighs and some steamed kale and spinach. I have steak and asparagus frequently too. Usually after I eat, I am hungry within 30 minutes. I feel like I am eating all the time and because of it, I am not loosing weight. I can have 1850 calories if I do nothing and maintain, but I know somedays I eat more than this. What can I do to control the hunger? I feel like I am obsessing about food because I am so hungry.



on February 24, 2013
at 10:37 PM

So I hate to bring up the obvious, but are you eating enough? A chicken thigh (skin eaten) only has about 200 calories. If you're not adding fat, then you *might* be getting 500 calories at a meal (being generous with portion size). I'm your weight and five inches shorter, and I probably average about 2500/day. Granted, I'm a runner and go about 20 miles/week with a generally active lifestyle so there's some energy expenditure there, but even with that intake I'm losing weight slowly. Maybe add some fat and starch to your meals?

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on February 23, 2013
at 02:54 PM

Eat more fat. Don't steam your kale - saute it in bacon grease. Fat will give you the satiety you are not getting from starches. There is some fat in the meat, but I find it is not enough for me either.



on February 23, 2013
at 07:59 AM

If you have a ravenous appetite in general, you may be a "protein type", meaning you require alot of high purine red meats (especially lamb, beef, seafood etc). Either that or you're not eating enough calories, or both. Eat to appetite and try focusing on grassfed beef/steaks, lamb and vegs, ditching the lower purine proteins like white meat, nuts, eggs, and dairy. Easy on carbs, no sugar.



on February 24, 2013
at 10:46 PM

I'm nearly the same size as you (5'9", 141 lbs) and the only things that keeps me full is proper amounts of fat. To much protein = I get hungry in an hour our two. To many carbs = I don't only get hungry I also tend to get serious cravings for bad foods.

So try to up your fat intake and see if it will keep you satisfied. General rule for me, if something doesn't work - change it until it starts to work. All are individuals and there's no right answer.


on February 24, 2013
at 09:11 PM

This is me too! I'm very active, as I'm a personal trainer and I'm currently training for a half marathon. I'm a bit heavier than you are, but I'm only 5"4, so I have more to lose. I'm currently switching to whole thyroid drugs so hoping that will allow me to actually lose weight.

But I'm totally with you here. I don't know how people don't need to snack, or eat only 2 meals a day. I couldn't survive without snacks! I agree though, it feels like you won't lose anything if you're eating this frequently.

I'm interested to see what the responses are for dealing with this.

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