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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 09, 2013 at 5:16 PM

Hi, I know there are quite similar/related posts here but I'm pretty sure my cas is different. Am about 5'11" and 184lbs, quite lean, eating 80-90% paleo for about 4 month or so. I don't exercise more then 3 day a week, and my weeks are quite different as I sometimes work till very late and due to my studying I sometimes wake up quite early. Ever since I remember myself I was eating a lot. Never been fat. During the last 2 month or so I feel I'm even hungrier than before. My hunger is much more intense and frequent. I feel my stomach stick to my back and even "heat" from inside. I eat lots of fat and protein. Besides that, and I think it is related somehow, I feel warm most of the time. I'll start sweating if it isn't below 20-C. My hunger really bathers me as I can't really do any thing without thinking how much I need to eat. Would like to hear your insights or someone that got thru this kind of hunger.

Thank you all very much, D



on April 09, 2013
at 06:01 PM

Do you drink plenty of water/fluids? Although it could be something more serious, many times people just don't focus on their fluid intake (especially when leading a busy life)

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on April 09, 2013
at 05:27 PM

You should go see a doctor. You're symptoms are consistent with forms of hyperthyroidism.

Go. To. The. Doctor.


on April 09, 2013
at 06:10 PM

Considering you're quite lean, I'm kind of confused why you aren't just eating more?



on April 09, 2013
at 06:51 PM

Sleep deprivation is bound to make you hungrier, but like greymouser said, you should go to the doctor. Better safe than sorry!

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