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The guy everyone turns to when they finally get sick a failing and get serious about losing weight and I certainly wasn't always abets-selling fitness expert or the kind of guy who'd be featured in all these major media outlets in fact most in my life I was the extractor if you turn to for any kind of health advice because when it came to being healthy I was a train wreck it began in when my wife Jean and I lost a child I began to eat for emotional comfort to ease my pain which only left me feeling bloated disgusting and like I was less than amen sure on the outside yacon root max I would smile but the more overweight I got the more my life just spun out of control I fell into depression so bad I was fired after seven years of all-star performance Microsoft I couldn't pull myself off the couch and no amount of pills helped and the binge eating was really starting to take its toll yet I turn to food more and more sinking deeper into despair it got so bad my business partner several years was forced to fire me and who could blame them I had lost aloof respect motivation and hope replacing them with pounds have discussed in lard a growing self-hatred and.

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