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I spent a good deal of time in the dike in the diagnostic testing that followed to find out my course of treatment in my kind of chemo and radiation issues we would deal with really doing financial calculations and and I don't think folks realize how many cancer patients and people with terminal illness do this in this country where you really consider whether or not you should continue to live if your going to end up hurting your family to that degree that's not what we want to do to one another in this country that up horrible thing to do to people so head it took me a while to get to the point where doctors had done the surgery that they could do when we turned around to radiation and I thought you know I can keep working I went back to work four days after my cancer surgery with Horsepower XXXL a drain a surgical drains killing my got because I was too darn trade to lose income loser if I lost income and I couldn't pay my insurance benefits would put Larry in a very compromised position for his ongoing care to so I felt this terrible stress remember trusting at my belly with the sad thing to I can hold the drain close to my belly am still you know go to work and do what I needed to do it was horrible and I would go home at night to try and answer the phone I always tell people to most have you know what happens at eight o'clock at night every night this country the collection agencies can't call anymore an 8 o'clock the law says they can't call anymore so I would go home in the evening I would at literally turn the ring around the phone off until eight o'clock so that Larry and I could have some time together and not have to deal with telling collection agency for another hospital or another doctor I can't pay you I can't pay and the ultimate lab I tell folks the with the bankruptcy it we ended up going bankrupt which was horrible process we did with so many families do you hang on in whatever way you can you borrow against whatever you've got to borrow against we had alone time ten-year-old hard because we had bankers nice enough to do that for us paying everything you could so when somebody reaches the point I???ve I came do no more it may not look like medical bankruptcy and yet in this country every 12 seconds someone in this country declares bankruptcy because of medical crisis more than 62 percent to the personal bankruptcies are driven by medical crisis can %uh those people75 percent had health.


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