Women's health and labs...what to have tested?

Asked on February 13, 2013
Created February 13, 2013 at 2:24 PM

I'm a little annoyed with my Dr's office. This Dr is supposed to be on the up and up when it comes to women's hormones, she is familiar with paleo, and her practice is a mix of traditional/holistic medicine. I called the other day to set up an appointment and to have my hormones checked again. I had them checked a year ago and my testosterone was almost non-existant, so I was supplementing until july when we decided we were going to start trying for another baby. So, I wanted to have things checked again. I asked if I would go to the lab before or after my appointment, they said after. I assumed I would talk to Dr, tell her what's going on and she would decide what to have tested. Instead, they sent me a lab slip and it says to go to the lab one week prior to my appointment. How does she know what to have tested if she doesn't know what is going on with me? The slip says, "menopausal symptoms." I am only 33 and not menopausal, so I thought maybe this was just what they have to put in for the code?

They are testing my estrogen/progesterone/testosterone and FSH. I was under the impression that estrogen/progesterone needs to be checked during the luteal phase? They have me going one week prior to my appointment, which is not my luteal phase.

I am going to call later to have this figured out, but before I do, I hope to get some insight into what else I should have tested. I would like to know vitamin D, magnesium, thyroid, and cortisol as well. Do you know if these can be tested in a regular test that is non-fasting? I know you can for vit D, but the others? Any feedback is appreciated.

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