why is my DHEA low & SHBG high? No treatments?

Commented on December 04, 2014
Created December 01, 2014 at 4:34 AM

Hey Everybody,


So I had a blood test done recently and everything but my DHEA and SHBG levels came back all right. My doc told me since my adrenals are functioning alright it doesn't even matter that my DHEA levels are low. My SHBG levels are high, and she said not to worry as my Estrodial levels are very low (below 12) ... She said everything seems normal and not to worry.This just doesn't sound right and wanted to know your thoughts on how (if i should) raise my DHEA leavels, and what to do to lower my SHBG levels. I've been reading up on these 2 hormones and not sure what to do.


I appreciate your help and input! 

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on December 04, 2014
at 06:02 PM

Thank you! I'll defintetly look into this. I'll log everything and get some blood tests to see how things work.


Thanks again



on December 04, 2014
at 08:12 PM

good luck. & pls do update in the future.

the nettle root extract* sounds like ‘good stuff’ if half of what i read about it is true. If you google, use keywords like, prostate, dht, testosterone, shbg, estrogen, androgen.

The ginger root extract*, seems to have many benefits, tho i did ‘find it’ when i started looking in to the whole testosterone thing.

*for both of these, if you buy, make sure they say both Root and Extract.



on December 03, 2014
at 06:46 AM

just happened to see a comment on another site that may be of interest to you;

"Test your SHBG level. It typically rises on a ketogenic diet. SHBG binds to testosterone and renders it inert. If it’s too high, you can take Nettle Root Extract (not leaf!) to lower it." Source

so it may be worth you doing you own research in to nettle root extract.

from what i have read myself, these type of 'testosterone' affecting herbs should be cycled. 

i actually take nettle root extract myself (250mg) along with ginger root extract (250mg). i take both together with food & cycle them 3 days on, 2 days off (just my personal preference). (fyi, both my supps are by the NOW brand).

If you do give the nettle root extract a go (& possibly the ginger root extract as well) & then get your blood tests repeated after 'sufficient' time...
pls post up the findings, i would be really interested to see if there were any changes to your numbers. thx


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