Why do we need to spike our hormones if Grok didn't?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 13, 2012 at 11:12 AM

I've read all the big words (that I can never remember) why we need to carb up if we are following a LC or VLC to chew up some body fat reserves to reduce our body fat %

However if our ancient ancestors didn't have easy access to carb dense foods, I'm sure they weren't having cheat meals on a Friday or Saturday night to spike their Leptin to make sure they continued to burn body fat for fuel.

Are we doing this to trick the body to stop if from seeking homeostasis as I guess that's what it is doing when it down regulates our metabolism. It is trying to stop us from wasting away.

Is that it?


on November 13, 2012
at 12:01 PM

Probably because staying LC, ZC all year long isn't as simple as the paleo zealots make it out to be.



on November 13, 2012
at 11:34 AM

I think it's generally to keep from being orthorexic.

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on November 13, 2012
at 12:51 PM

First, it is very likely that Grok's diet was extremely varied. Month-to-Month, even week-to-week, what was available (i.e. fruits, root vegetables, etc) was constantly different. Remember this was pre-agricultural revolution so they ate what was available.

Second, Why do we buy our foods from a grocery store if Grok didn't?

The world is different now than in was in the paleolithic.

Our foods are different -- all of them. Not a single thing we eat today was available, in its current form, to our ancestors.

Our lifestyles are different -- Grok didn't sit around at a computer for 8 hours a day, and then spend 40 minutes lifting heavy things to stay fit. He wasn't looking to build muscle and lean out -- he was looking to survive. The dietary need of someone in the modern world is very different than our paleolithic ancestors.

Our gene expressions are different -- We have continued to evolve past our paleolithic ancestors. Our moderns biology is very different.

And a hundred other examples. I have found, that with respect to my goals and activities, refeeds don't work well. Rather, regular and fairly consistent ingest of carbs (average around 100g per day) works best for me. Some people are LC/VLC. I know a guy who used to be an elite distance runner (only a couple years ago). He used to be closer to 200-300g carbs per day. Since he quit he found that he prefers to be below 100g of carbs -- And he's been that way for about 18 months, it just works well for him that way.

The point is: We don't know what the macro-ratios were for our ancestors. Regardless it doesn't matter -- we are not our paleolithic ancestors, we are descendants from them. We can use our evolutionary knowledge to model our diet for optimal health, but we each have to take the onus to learn about ourselves and identify what works best for us, in the modern world.



on November 13, 2012
at 01:18 PM

You don't need to carb up if you following VLC. I certainly don't...

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