Refeed and cheat days.

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created September 20, 2011 at 7:57 AM

Hello hackers, In the past (pre paleo) I lost about 25kg over a period of around 6 months. At my largest I was 125kg, at my lowest recently I have been 88kg but sit somewhere between 90 and 95 at most times. I have seen the best results while eating very low calorie (4000kj or around 1000cal) a day and then refeeding with 5-6000cal on a sunday. Can someone explain the science behind this as Im guessing it could have something to do with leptin and the like. I was also a cardio-whore during this period with a lot of running and riding (while eating wholegrain, low fat etc) though am now a crossfitter, eating paleo and are trying to emulate similair results. Many thanks

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on September 21, 2011
at 03:19 PM

I think refeeds are as much psychological as physiological. In fact, beyond weekly calories, the physiological aspects may be unimportant.

I've done refeeds with a typical body building protocol: Five or six lowfat meals and workout six days a week, with a free day on Sunday. Worked great for me in terms of body comp and generally feeling good. Body for Life is the classic program of this type.

But it's not a resilient lifestyle. It's not well suited to a busy life. In my case my girlfriend became terminally ill, and I "fell off the wagon".

Paleo is much more resilient. I'm not getting hungry every three hours. No gym? Fine. I'll just do something active and fun or maybe just chill. I also don't need a cheat day because I don't feel deprived. And it's just fine if every so often I have a Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar.

Refeed programs are fine. Just recognize the need to transition to something sustainable.



on September 20, 2011
at 06:24 PM

I think some sort of cheat days might do some good. For people who may get some sort anxiety or prone to OCD. It might be good to cut little slack. Mainly for the reason, if you find its easy to stick a tight diet. But with the cost of your social life, that diet, whoever healthy it may be, may cause some mental problems sooner or later.

I am just talking what i know from researching my own beheavior, hacking it. I find it very easy to stick to almost any kind of way eating, but it will cause me some mental anxiety, loss of social relationships, etc. There is not so much talk about this. I think there should be.

I think theres more to diet than leptin resets ;) What do you think?

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