Is this estrogen dominance? Low Free Testosterone

Asked on November 17, 2012
Created November 17, 2012 at 2:48 PM

I just had a huge battery of blood tests done and everything looks great except I noticed that my FREE TESTOSTERONE is low (below range) and my ESTRADIOL is on the very high end of the range (not above range). The blood tests happened to occur on day 3 of my cycle (just after starting my period). I'm mostly concerned about the free testosterone being low and wondering if there's anything dietary that I can do to raise it a little. I'd prefer to avoid supplements like creams.

Some background info: Female, 36, was on the pill for about 15 years but quit taking it a little over a year ago (I think around Aug. 2011 is when I stopped taking it). Periods are very normal, like clockwork. I do sometimes get hormonal acne, breast tenderness and am irritable, but not every month (also, I am an irritable person by nature, lol). I suffered a neck injury doing Crossfit in March and was given a short course (8-10 days worth) of a high dose of Prednisone. I was unable to do any upper body weight lifting until basically September. I did remain active while injured by swimming, biking yoga and doing a little lower body lifting, however I did allow myself more rest as the injury exhausted me. I also shifted into a lower carb mode as I did not need fruit and sweet potatoes post WOD any more. I have tried to add in more carbs since getting back into lifting weights, but am lower carb than I was before (don't feel that I need anymore than what I currently eat). Unfortunately, I do not track carbs so I can't say how many g I eat a day, but I do not eat fruit which would have been my biggest source before. I do feel that I have gained fat below my belly button, but nowhere else. The other change that occurred shortly before injury was a move away from all grains and cheese, but the addition of GF cream in coffee and butter. I also cut way back on alcohol. Otherwise, I follow a pretty standard Paleo diet ala Balanaced Bites and Cavegirl Eats. Thanks for any advice or speculation!

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