Is it my imagination or is the Paleo Diet increasing my sex drive and balancing my hormones?

Answered on January 17, 2014
Created January 17, 2014 at 6:05 AM

I always had a very active sex drive however just over a year ago i had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer. Actually its part of what eventually drove me to Paleo. Six month after the opp i found i was going through menopause, Great, i was not happy that my doctor did not inform me this could happen, i tried synthetic hormones only to find they made it worse. So i went to see a specialist doctor who put me onto Natural hormones, no problem there, but this doctor advised me to go for a grain free diet and dairy free if i could manage it. I didnt pay alot of attention to this at the time i was just happy to find something that worked for me, and the hormones did work, no problems there either. I started doing Paleo just over 3 weeks ago and co-incidentally i ran our of my hormones just prior, I had in the past gone off my hormones and after about a week my sex drive dropped to zero plus menopause symptoms would appear again. However since being on Paleo not only has my symptoms not reappeared but my sex drive in the past few days is what is was when i was 25, which can be quite distracting, ive also not had flashes, dryness or mood swings. My question is, and i don't want to jump the gun but, is it my imagination or could the Paleo diet be balancing my sex hormones??

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on January 17, 2014
at 12:22 PM

Yes, it can, especially if you get all the precursors to make cholesterol, which is then converted to hormones. Ditto minerals such as zinc, magnesium, etc.

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