Hormones and stress/insecurities?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 20, 2011 at 4:43 AM

I am 21 years old and have basically been stressing about my social life for about two years. I mean daily stress/depression here and there. I have been self conscious around people and I am angry that I am not good with women. I stress every day it seems and it is not easy :(. I tried the Paleo Diet for a little while and it didn't seem to do much other than give me good feelings because of the accomplishment and discipline of the diet. I was only on the diet for a little while though (like 3 weeks).

Does this diet actually have any REAL hormonal/depression balancing fixes? I would love to hear from some experienced paleo people!

Thanks, Joe


on May 22, 2012
at 09:09 PM

Let's think a minute what smiling at every woman you meet might do to the psyche. Joe says he is angry about his lack of success with women. It would be natural if that feeling obstructed his ability to have a positive interaction. There is no way that this practice can have any but a positive effect on how he feels about women in general. Once he gets a ton of experiences and good responses in his memory bank, he's going to realize that women can be receptive to him and it will build his confidence and build a good general impression of dealing with unfamiliar women. Excellent advice, I think



on October 21, 2011
at 03:00 AM

I happen to think it's a good bit of advice myself. I think it's nice if a guy takes notice of me or smiles at me. It happened today and it put me in a good mood. Also, it's a good way to boost your skills at getting comfortable looking people in the eye without having to talk to them. If someone is feeling awkward around others, this is a good way to break through that barrier.



on October 20, 2011
at 05:55 PM

actually, I'm sorry, I think it's a little silly, I don't really agree with it. Please, thank you.



on October 20, 2011
at 05:55 PM

smiling at every woman that passes by! That's such a load of stupid advice.



on October 20, 2011
at 04:34 PM

It helped me, but so did counselling. Also, you are not alone. So many people your age go through this. My husband did big time at your age. This may sound silly, but one thing he did to get over it was to smile at every single woman that passed by him on the street, even if they were 82! That worked really well for him. If you can, meeting with a counselor that you feel comfortable with is a great option.

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2 Answers


on October 20, 2011
at 06:22 AM

If you have some kind of vitamin/mineral deficiency, food allergy, autoimmune issue, etc., that's causing your imbalances, then perhaps. I started eating paleo and my anxiety and depression disappeared...for about a month. It came back and is no longer affected by dietary changes, only social.

I'd definitely recommend giving paleo a really solid effort, but realistically, you're probably going to have to make social changes to find what you're looking for. What really helped me was finding a hobby that got me around people and helped build my confidence. Joining a group fitness program like crossfit, or doing some martial arts is an awesome way to meet people and be happier with who you are. If you're issues are hormonal; make sure you're moving around some heavy weights, embracing your competitive edge, and sleeping and eating enough.

I'd recommend checking this amazing blog out as well: http://evolutionarypsychiatry.blogspot.com/



on October 20, 2011
at 11:23 AM

In my experience eating lots of sugar and making sure liver glycogen is consistently full is the biggest help to stress/anxiety situations. If I'm carbed up I have all the confidence in the world and can deal with stressful anxiety inducing situations with ease.

Stop caring what others think about you, this will help you tremendously.

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