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Asked on May 11, 2014
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I apologize if this is long; however, I need an outsider's opinion on whether I'm a just hypochrondriac or really need to investigate something further...


-At 18, weight about 100 lbs, 5'3"

-Weighed between 100-108 throughout college

-Currently, at 125 lbs (age 27), 5'3" and cannot lose the weight. Minimal muscle, completely skinny fat.

-MRI and neurologist visit sometime in college (2007?) for chronic migraines (daily and severe). MRI was inconclusive - have "spots" on brain that are common among people with migraines. Recommended elimination diet and supplementation with Folic Acid, B-complex, CoQ10. Discontinued Topamax that was previously prescribed by a GP. Prescribed Relpax. Elimination diet, supplements helped. Finally quit Relpax due to continued rebound headaches (2010?). Presently, rarely get migraines and can usually stop them with a couple Advil. Triggers: hunger, acute stress, lack of sleep.

-Began Paleo diet in January 2011 to address lingering migraines, creeping weight gain, and increase overall health. Continued to follow Paleo/Weston A. Price style diets until mid 2013, when work, stress, etc caused slippage back to conventional eating. Off and on with Paleo until present. Never lost any weight, although did feel great when eating clean.

-Family history of Lupus (maternal grandmother), Graves Disease (maternal aunt), ADHD and Bipolar (brother).

-Danced throughout youth and high school. Never been much of a runner. Have tried for a few years but can't run much further than a mile at a time. Currently do Pilates or yoga 1-2 times per week. Actively crossfitted throughout summer 2013 (husband is former military, triathlete, and crossfit coach - very health conscious).

Diagnosed with anxiety in November 2013. First panic attack in December 2013.

Bloodwork Nov 2013

-Diagnosed pre-metabolic syndrome based on high triglycerides, LDL, and glucose levels.

-TSH 3.210 Asked doctor if thyroid needed to be looked into further due to symptoms of: anxiety, creeping weight gain (but not overweight), low sex-drive, elevated cholesterol. No concern from doctor at the time, but agreed to check levels again in a few months.

Followed strict Paleo diet throughout Jan/Feb 2014. Anxiety improved tremendously.

Discontinued birth control in January 2014 due to unease with taking hormones. Began using Fertility Awareness Method and charting BBT as contraception.

Bloodwork March 2014

-cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose all lowered to within normal range.

-TSH 3.690

-T4 1.19


-Is it worth looking hypothyroidism? Could that link to anxiety, pre-metabolic syndrome, weight gain?

-Could low progesterone cause anxiety?

-Possible estrogen dominance?

-Introductory research indicates correlations between thyroid, hormones, anxiety. Am I reading too far into all this?

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