Bioidentical hormone doctor - Bay Area, CA?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 20, 2011 at 3:43 AM

Does anyone know of a good doc to speak to about bio identical hormones in the Bay Area, CA? Or any legitimate websites or resources to look at to educate myself on it. Google searches just turn up tons of random links.



on December 16, 2012
at 10:25 PM

In case anyone is using this for reference...John Lee MD died in 2003


on September 14, 2011
at 01:10 AM

Go to the original source. http://www.johnleemd.com/

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on September 13, 2011
at 11:31 PM

Have you considered the possibility that a zinc deficiency could be reducing your hypothalamic secretion of GnRH?

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7 Answers



on July 04, 2011
at 02:35 PM

Try Doctor Gary Ross, he's in San Francisco. There is another guy over around Los Gatos who is a big advocate. Trying to think of his name. Get back to you on this.


on August 12, 2013
at 01:26 AM

look up ComprehensiveCareforWomen.com and click on the services they provide. One of them is bio-identical hormones. Doctor is based in San Mateo. Phone # to call their office is 650-321-5811. He is well known in southern california for bio-identical hormones. Also look up Dr paul Singh, urogynecology under www.ppdp.epatients.com. ( This is group of about 140 different specialists) in Bay area. This doc is listed there as well as a urogynecologst and an ob/gyn.


on December 24, 2012
at 04:38 AM

I highly recommend Dr. Lynn Mielke. I went to her and she was awesome. I received bioidenticals from her as well as other vitamins, etc. I then brough my 12 year old daughter who has extreme eczema and anxiety issues. We found out she has an autoimmune disease and numerous food allergies.

My sister's 7 year son had severe signs of tourette's and my sister had gone to numerous doctors. Dr. Mielke did a number of tests and found out my sister's son had a high level of strep in his system which was causing the Tourette's symptons.

Dr. Mielke is located in Pleasanton, CA. She also helps children and people with autism.

4463 Stoneridge Drive Pleasanton, CA 94588 (925) 846-8000




on December 16, 2012
at 10:23 PM

Let me try to build a comprehensive list from the internet scouring I've done. I don't think any of these doctors take insurance. I can't speak personally to any of their abilities.

San Francisco:

Harvey S. Bartnof, MD. San Francisco, CA. www.longevitymd.net

Gary Ross, MD. San Francisco, CA. http://www.rosshealth.com/

Vinh Ngo, MD. San Francisco, CA. http://www.carepractice.com/vinh_ngo/

East Bay:

Dr. Lynne Mielke http://www.optimalhealthspectrums.com/

South Bay:

Dr. Philip Lee Miller, MD. Los Gatos, CA. http://Antiaging.com.


Justin Mager, MD. http://www.healthincite.com/

Beth McDougall, MD / Kate Tenney ND. http://www.clearcenterofhealth.com/

Morgan Camp, MD. http://www.morgancamp.com/

Dr. Michael Rosenbaum. Corte Madera, CA. http://drmichaelrosenbaum.com/


Romano Mariano, MD. Monterey, CA. http://www.definitivemind.com/


on October 16, 2011
at 06:17 PM

A great doctor in Mill Valley is Dr. Morgan Camp who specializes in hormone treatment, among other specialties such as thyroid disease, digestive health and prolotherapy. He has trained under a hormone replacement expert and applies a variety of solutions depending on need, age and individual circumstances.

Dr. Morgan Camp 125 B Camino Alto Mill Valley, CA 94941 (415) 383-9903

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on September 13, 2011
at 10:21 PM

Hey Geoff,

I highly recommend Dr. Justin Mager at the Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley. Justin's well informed on BHRT and the whole realm of anti-aging, healthy-longevity, optimal-wellness medicine. He's got a sports training background so he loves working with athletes. I've attended his lectures at which he invariably makes clear that the first line of defense is lifestyle: diet, exercise, stress management, right livelihood, and so forth. That's to say, if a client isn't willing to deal with those issues first and fundamentally, BHRT won't be effective.

Given that much of the BHRT world is female-oriented (not surprising in that women tend to be far more proactive about their health), you may want to work with a male MD. Justin is well versed on andropause as a clinical phenomenon.



on June 20, 2011
at 02:00 PM

I cannot personally recommend anyone, however, Suzanne Sommers is well know for being an advocate of BHRT. Here is her recommendation for San Francisco:

Harvey S. Bartnof, M.D. (antiaging, BHRT, integrative medicine) California Longevity and Vitality Medical Institute 450 Sutter St., Suite 2433 San Francisco, CA 94108 415-986-1300 E-mail: DrBartnof@DrBartnof.com www.longevitymd.net

Please note that I have not investigated this doctor or his website. Good luck!

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