How to get rid of insomnia ?

Answered on September 27, 2013
Created September 26, 2013 at 7:40 PM

Sex: male

Age : 23

Health history:

continuous constipation and acidity ---- (2003-2012)

gas trouble -----------------------------------(2003 till now, but recovering slowly with helpful nutrition)

skin color ---- wheat (1990 t0 2008), dark and pale (2008 till now ,no matter how much healthy food i take or routine i keep, i think there must be a hormone problem )

Excessive Night fall: (2006 to 2013 but recovered recently as i eat less in dinner, but penis muscle is weak now ,got erection but less hardness and length is decreased now)

Insomnia: (2005 till now) The only problem which has been on an increase no matter what measures i have taken.I have been observing for last four years that insomnia comes due to physical stress or exercise . and i feel high heart beat rate at the same time.

Explain the causes and tell the cure.

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4 Answers


on September 27, 2013
at 04:19 AM

@Athletic_insomniac I have suffered from some of the symptoms you describe, except for night fall, and have done so for about 15 years. This last year, though, due to some great advice I have eliminated all except the insomnia - mine is caused partially by "rumination" (my mind is over active and keeps going over and over the same thoughts all night) but I am managing that particular aspect (using Quetiapine (Seroquel) prescribed by my doctor).

At night, about 30 minutes or so before I decide to go to bed I take, 3 x 5mg of melatonin capsules (depending on your body type and weight you need to adjust the dose- I am 6'4" and 265lb but not fat as my body fat level is normal), 2 x capsules of a herbal sleep aid containing 112mg of Lactium, 4500mg of Ziziphus Jujuba var. Spinosa (Spine Date) - this is equivalent to eating 4.5g of the dried Ziziphus seed, and 500mg of Hops (humulus hopulus) - this is equivalent to eating 500g of the dried hops flower (Sorry, I am in Australia and so I used metric and the brand of herbal sleep aid I use is called "Nature's Own Complete Sleep Advanced".)

I have also been told that if I can't get to sleep, the worse thing to do is to lie there worrying about it - this will just make it worse. If you are awake, get up go for a walk around inside your home and then go back to bed, or try and do some meditation - basic counting meditation to start or try thinking about your body and how it feels . Start at the toes and think of what they look like, how they feel, can you move them etc, then slowly move up the body. Do this meditation while lying in bed. But importantly, don't get stressed or worried that you can't sleep because that will ensure you don't go to sleep!

PilatesGateKeeper makes some good points - but, realistically, at least in my life, most of what is said is impractical (especially if you have to travel). I also use a CPAP machine due to sleep apnea and the mask helps but I can't keep it on all night because it is so uncomfortable, so I can't imagine wearing goggles to bed. Also make sure you try to have 6 "meals" per day. The main meal of the day is breakfast. then a mid morning snack of healthy goodness (not too much though). Then a "get you through the day" protein packed lunch. A mid afternoon snack, again, of healthy goodness and then the dinner time meal is actually quite small and very low in carbs. Don't eat any of the meals standing up or rushing and make sure the last meal is about 2 hours before bed time. Also keep hydrated - don't drink 2 or 3 liters of water per day like a robot - drink what you need and then some more. By hydrated, I mean water. Not tea, coffee - this is a diuretic, fruit juices, soda or energy drinks. You can have these if you want but in addition to the water.

Re the gas and constipation: one of the best recommendation I ever got was from a "natural" doctor - not a naturopath. He said to put 1 teaspoon of bi-carb soda, 1 teaspoon of milk thistle extract and 1 teaspoon of Olive leaf extract into a glass and mix it into a paste and then fill the glass with water and drink it (I know I said to use water but in this case use something else like cranberry or pomegranate juice or carrot and celery juice to mask the taste because it is tastes absolutely terrible). He said to take this first thing in the morning and then again just before bedtime. This was to change the ph in the gut and to make it more "friendly to the healthy gut flora needed to break down food. He also "prescribed" (these are available over the counter) "MultiGest Enzymes" made by BioCeuticals (these are plant based exctracts and vegetarian and each capsule is composed of has 80mg Amylase, 40mg Protease, 20mg Lipase, 15mg Tilactose, 3.1mg Cellulose and 100mg of Bromelains). I initially took 3 capsules twice per day for 1 week and the results were amazing, my constipation was gone, no gas and my really pale color was gone, I had no bloating around the stomach area and the black bags under my eyes were gone. I now take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night just before bed.

Oh, and the heart rate increase that you feel goes along with your insomnia, I would hazard a guess that that is due to you being stressed about not being able to go to sleep and worrying about it. Try to be mentally positive when you go to bed. Live in the now - mindfulness - don't worry about yesterday and don't worry about tomorrow, just "BE". I would absolutely recommend reading Thích Nhất Hạnh's wonderful book entitled "The Art of Mindful Living".

I hope this helps you. This is what I have done and it has truly changed my life for the better.



on September 27, 2013
at 12:24 AM

Used to be if I ate a bunch of carbs it would knock me out.

Doesn't work anymore. No idea why. Sleep is so frustrating.


on September 27, 2013
at 12:01 AM

The only thing that helps my insomnia is one 5mg Melatonin. A doctor suggested it, its over the counter and pretty cheap. Your brain produces melatonin to help you sleep, some just dont produce enough and need a little help.


on September 26, 2013
at 11:46 PM

Well, there are many causes of insomnia, and there's no definite cure. Get plenty of exercise during the day, don't exercise too close to bed, go to bed soon after sundown, avoid exposure to artificial light after sundown, make sure your room is very dark and quiet, keep electronic devices that have blinky flashing lights either out of your room or covered, don't go to sleep with the TV on, wear blue-light blocking goggles, take either dried tart black cherries or tart cherry juice at sundown to increase your melatonin

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