How to balance high testostrone, oestrogen and DHEA...?

Asked on April 14, 2015
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thought i would throw it out there and see if anyone has experience with this.


the last two years i have:

- gone to emergency numerous times prior to my period experiencing gastro like symptoms with severe cramping

- gained 12kg despite leading a healthy lifestyle of activity and paleo eating

- constantly battling exhaustion

- wake up in the middle of the night to pee, despite cutting back fluids

- decresed performance and energy in workouts

- loss of short term memory

- depressed, irritable, moody all the time.  i cry way too much.


I have been to a number of GPs, had blood tests done, ultrasounds and they all came back fine.


So i went to see a naturopath who did a saliva hormone test.  this test showed i have too much testostrone, oestrogen and DHEA.  Which explains the symptoms above.  i have been taking some herbs to rid the excess hormones and improve mood but it is taking forever and nothing is really changing.  my naturopath believes that because i wake up to pee in the middle of the night i am not getting a full night sleep.  i have tried taking natural herbs like karva but nothing is really working.  i have also stopped training so hard to rest and relax.  i cut out crossfit and now all i do is ride and run when i have the energy.  i have also been doing some meditating to reduce stress.  i am not stressed as life is pretty sweet aside from my ongoing health issue.  i just feel i am at a loss with it all. i feel like i am not getting anywhere and nothing is improving. any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

(oh and im 173cm, 80kg, 28%bf)

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