Hormonal acne but hormone tests normal?

Asked on July 10, 2015
Created July 10, 2015 at 11:48 PM

I am not new to the paleo diet, having completed several whole30s and followed a paleo protocol for about two years. I fell off the wagon a bit in 2014. After about six months, I started to experience really bad acne on my back, neck, and around my mouth, consistent with hormonal acne for women. My skin felt constantly oily, no matter what skin care regimens I took (natural products, using honey and lemon and tea tree oil, etc). 

I thought it was perhaps a food allergy and experimented with cutting out various foods to test. Then I realized, this is probably a hormonal imblance caused by insulin resistance - too much sugar --> too much insulin --> increase in testosterone --> acne.

After a while, I decided to do a total hormone reset - giving up alcohol, all grains, all sugar, all dairy, all legumes, etc. This was about four weeks ago. At first I noticed my skin felt better - less oily and no new acne. Two weeks in, the oily skin was back and worse than ever, and I've been breaking out for two weeks. I assumed that maybe I was still adjusting and my hormone levels were going to take a while to get on track, and I got blood work done to validate my guess.

I got the resutls today - the hormone results came back completely normal. My question is, can you get hormonal acne and have totally normal hormone levels? How can I address this? 


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