trying to understand histamine intolerance

Answered on January 12, 2015
Created July 10, 2012 at 2:12 PM

Is Vitamin C safe/good for histamine intolerance? what is the best form? bio-flavonoids? ascorbic acid? ester? this is VERY challenging ... I seem to have mast cell activation syndrome/ histamine problem and EVERYTHING I knew as "good" nutrition is upside down :(! HELP,please!??!



on January 12, 2015
at 10:43 PM

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on January 12, 2015
at 10:36 PM

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on August 02, 2012
at 05:55 PM

Please be careful with taking Vit-c for histamine, as Vit-c will chelate Copper and lower your levels of it. Copper is very important in metabolizing histamine.

I've just posted the first in a series of posts on my blog about histamine intolerance, http://dietarymedicine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/histamine-intolerance-introduction.html

General upshot is, be careful of the foods that are apparently high in histamine, but you might find you can tolerate a lot of them.



on January 12, 2015
at 10:44 PM

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on September 07, 2013
at 12:44 AM

Histamine intolerance can be a tricky problem to deal with, but don't give up hope!

I've been taking ascorbic acid powder with meals to help with my histamine intolerance. I believe I'm slightly less sensitive to histamine in foods than I used to be, but it's hard to say whether this is a result of the vitamin C or not.

I believe that my histamine intolerance is a symptom of an underlying gut problem which I'm trying to tackle using the GAPS diet. When I was looking into histamine intolerance I found the following sites had some useful info:

1) http://thatpaleoguy.com/ looks at it from a Paleo/biochemical/diet and treatment angle

2) http://roosclues.blogspot.co.uk/ is a blog by a women who had success with histamine intolerance (and a whole load of other problems) in her and her son, mostly through diet.



on July 10, 2012
at 02:43 PM

Yes. Ascorbic acid powder dissolved in water is best, followed by capsules. 1000 mg every 1/2 hour is the absorption rate, I believe, so best to take small amounts frequently.


on January 12, 2015
at 10:48 PM

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on January 12, 2015
at 01:19 PM

I really don't know if vitamin C is good for histamine intolerance. But if you want to know it for sure you have to talk to your allergist.

I'm handling my sensitivity with histamine with a dietary supplement called Daosin. Daosin is a dietary supplement which controls your histamine level within your body. Basicly every time if you eat/drink sth histamine rich you histamine levels starts to rise and your body reacts with an allergic reaction. The symptoms can be also very difficult to identify. Some people will get headache, someone starts to puke and so on.

I'm using Daosin for almost 3 month and I'm really happy with it. Atm all I know is it's only available at the internet!

Get well soon!

Regards, Maria


on July 10, 2012
at 02:34 PM

Provided you don't have a citrus allergy, squeezing the juice of one lemon/lime into a glass of water in the morning and sipping it throughout the day is a good idea. Don't drink it all at once.

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