Histamines: Sure it's not amines or Salicylates? (or both)?

Commented on January 11, 2015
Created August 19, 2013 at 11:15 AM

I know several paleo peeps here are also avoiding histamines.

I read at:


that: "Research shows that about 20% of adults with asthma1, 60% with of people with food-induced itchy rashes, headaches or migraines, 70% of people with irritable bowel symptoms2 and 75% of children with behaviour problems3 may be sensitive to salicylates."

If you are following a low histamine/paleo diet, how do you know it's not amines more generally?

Many of the banned foods are on both/all the lists.

Have you ever done a FAILSAFE elimination of amines AND Salicylates and additives?

I assumed that I was reaction to only one class of food chemicals, but apparently, reaction to more than one is more common. So, perhaps the sneezing, red eyes, congestion were histamines, but maybe the joint pain was Salicylates? (I was looking for one culprit that was causing ALL my issues).

I had tried a FAILSAFE elimination 1.5 years ago (before paleo) and because I couldn't provoke a Salicylates response on demand during my challenge, I moved on to other hypothesis. I'm now circling back and re-doing their elimination / challenge protocol.

The crushing, week long tension headache/ muscle cramps stopped after 2 days of elimination dieting (clearly it's food, I'm delighted it's not a disease).

Here's a link to the elmination diet protocol I'm using:


and this site more generally has lots of awesome info on the subject:



PS: I found this handy list of salicylates and it turns out my worst reactions were with items high on this list: http://salicylatesensitivity.com/about/food-guide/


on January 06, 2015
at 05:28 AM

Hi mike, I've been looking for someone who has experienced with failsafe and paleo..I'm wanting to clean up my boys diets as their behavior seems to be food related but I don't know whether to go full on fail safe diet or if they'd benefit from simply going paleo first to see if that helps on its own. They love their fruit etc and failsafe is very restrictive. Any advice?

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on January 06, 2015
at 06:15 AM

If you are on facebook, you should request to be a member of the group "The Paleo approach community"-it's catered to autoimmune problems and there is a WEALTH of info. from everyone on so many things! Also covers general paleo stuff too....just make sure you read the introduction so you aren't a little lost :) But they do talk about this sometimes and im sure someone there would know more!



on January 11, 2015
at 04:03 AM

Thank you!

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