High Calorie foods?

Commented on June 28, 2014
Created June 27, 2014 at 6:06 PM

I do not do any diary, in an form...no butters or creams. I have coconut milk and oil, oklive oil, fish, meat, tons of veggies, but I still am only getting 1500 calories a day, an dI;m not hungry, I run 3 miles every other day. I only have a sweet potato mash high calorie recipe but I want more variety.

I don't do nuts or nut butters.



on June 28, 2014
at 01:17 AM

an avocado a day will get you some extra cals or have two if you are still short on cals, nutritiondata-avocados

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on June 27, 2014
at 11:34 PM

Carbs + fats = tasty + high calories

Fried potatoes. Fried rice. Anything starchy, then fried.



on June 27, 2014
at 09:30 PM

Bigger meals with more fats or more frequent smaller meals (maybe with less fat?)

Lately, I'm at a little over 2mi a day in the mornings with barefoot running shoes.. still haven't hit the 3mi mark.

If you're not hungry and not feeling too fatigued, maybe you don't need the extra calories (or you're consuming more than you think you are)?

Gucamole on everything.



on June 27, 2014
at 06:19 PM

google nutritiondata, use nutrient tool, search for foods highest in Calories, per 100 grams.

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