Are my feet ruined?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 14, 2012 at 9:29 PM

Prior to paleo I always wore highheels, and unfortunately, I think the back of my heels are ruined. Due to all the blisters, I now have dark pink marks that won't go away. They aren't painful, it's just not as pretty.

What can I do to restore the skin to it's original color and texture?



on April 14, 2012
at 10:35 PM

Good for you for ditching the heels!

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on April 14, 2012
at 09:45 PM

Glycolic acid creams or lotions may help if the marks are discolorations rather than actual scars, but it will take some time.

Alpha Hydrox is a good cheap brand without parabens in most of the formulations.

As Jenny suggested, laser would be a quick (but more expensive) option.



on April 15, 2012
at 03:47 AM

Honestly, the backs of your heels are really not a very conspicuous part of your body. It's also hard to get a good look at the backs of your own heels without some contortion. Smile at people and distract them (your face is usually a lot closer to other people's eyes than your heels are). Or wear socks.



on April 14, 2012
at 09:35 PM

Seeing as that is scarring now on your heels, something like laser work would be required to remove them. No amount of topical cream or bone broth, much to my dismay, removed scars. I've been working on stretchmarks for years, as well as lots of burns on my arms from kitchen work, and I have officially accepted that it doesn't even touch scars. If it important to you, check out laser resurfacing in your area.

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