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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 23, 2012 at 8:39 PM

I used to do Paleo effortlessly back when I did crossfit without paying much attention to proportions of Fat / Protein / Carbs. I stopped working out and ate whatever I wanted for 10 months (Italian Advnture) and now I need to get back on my healthy diet and lose those 15-20 lbs. I'm not working out for now (hurt ankle) and have cut sugars and grains 100% from my diet except for maybe a fruit a day.

This time I'm using Fatsecret.com to take note of the ratios of Fat to Carbs to Protein, which leads me to 2 big questions:

I noticed I am getting very few calories in... When I eat wholesome foods, I almost struggle even break 1200 cals (which I understand you should not go under).. especially Sundays when I barely move (& am satisfied with around 800cals)... I am currently stuffed because I wanted to reach 1200... Anyone else with this problem? Something wrong with me for not needing more?

The second is, in order to get my cals up, I use a lot of fats (mostly composed of olive oil, avocados, meats, and some butter...) My calories per day (about 1100-1400) are usually about 50% from Fats every day.. I praise the benefits of eating good fats - but is this too much? According to my weight/height, what I have read online is I should shoot for about 120g of protein a day.. this is so freaken hard! What is that? like 200g of meats every meal?

Here's my usual daily menu: BFast: 1pat butter, 1c Spinach & veggies, 2 eggs (recently started adding 1/4 cup whites to get more protein). Sometimes I'll have a bit of avocado as well or a kiwi Lunch: always mixed salad greens + 1 tbsp olive oil + some sort of protein (chicken, boiled egg or cheese) Dinner: 100-150g of some animal meat, plenty of veggies, cooked with butter OR olive oil

So in the end, here's my daily average this month: 1144 CALS -- FAT: 67g (53%), Protein: 76g (27%), Carbs: 53g (20)

I usually don't snack because I am not hungry. I'll also have red wine 2 nights a week...

Anyone else eat so many fats?



on July 10, 2012
at 12:15 AM

What a strange way to phrase a question.



on May 28, 2012
at 07:07 PM

I personally also wouldn't add the egg white. I believe the yolk has most of the nutrients, so I would eat the entire egg and eat as many as needed to satiate yourself.



on April 23, 2012
at 10:03 PM

drop eating so much fat, eat more carbs. be active throughout the day with walking and chores and stuff, lift weights 3 x weekly, eat more around 50% cals from carbs, 25 from protein and 25% ish from fat.

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on May 28, 2012
at 06:58 PM

I think the 1200 cal lower limit might be valid for a high-carb diet. Going below that would mean too little protein and fat and probably too few micronutrients. If you're getting ~1140 cals/day from high-quality protein and fat, though, that's not too low, especially if you're not hungry.

Also, 120g/day of protein seems to high. Protein requirements generally run between .5 and 1.0 grams per pound of lean body mass, depending on activity level. If you're not working-out, and unless you're considerably more muscular than you appear to be, ~76g/day is plenty.

I get about 70% of calories from fat so, no, I don't think 53% is too high.

Basically, I think your daily calories and macro ratios are pretty much ideal, all things considered, and I wouldn't recommend that you do anything differently.



on July 10, 2012
at 12:05 AM

Don't cut fat out as a percentage of macros! For someone wanting to lose or even re-comp, there are 5 suggestions I'll give. I'm pretty sure doing these 5 things will work for ANYONE who has goals like you laid out above.

  1. Eat quality food. This is the most important. Macros are all but meaningless, especially for those just wanting to improve 10-20% of where there at. Let things balance themselves...because it will, the more quality food you eat. You will feel better, digestion will improve and the body will run optimally given the specific ratios you are eating.

  2. Adjust intake of carbohydrates for activity. Use more carbohydrate for very intense or long workouts. Consume it to match energy needs and in the post-workout timing. Outside of those times, ramp up the protein and fat. I find that this gives me the ability to still indulge in some quality carbs, but I don't stay reliant on them or have constant cravings.

  3. Don't limit fat. Maybe fat can be limited a bit for someone who has a ton of fat to lose, but generally the overall intake of fat for those people (especially if they are cutting out most/all carbs at the beginning) is still going to be high because of overall intake. For someone just looking to lose 15-20 or re-comp, keep quality fats in your diet. Cook with butter, coconut oil and ghee, eat avocados, fatty cuts of quality meat, fish, etc. Sure, maybe stick with 1-2 TBSP of butter instead of 5-6, but the idea of lowering fat to 25% or under like someone recommended above is walking a slippery slope into some of the programs we already know don't work.

  4. Confuse your body. Change up your workouts. Do some sprints. Alter your methods of sprints. Run one week. Cycle another week. Jump rope another week. Just once a week on those is great. Do strength training a few times a week, whatever method you want, but change it up. Use a muscle group you never use and feel that soreness for 2 days afterward. Walk a lot. Low level, leisure walking. The summer is the best time do just get outside every morning/evening.

  5. Try fasting. It's not only great for the body, it's great for digestion and brain function. You feel great and your body becomes very adaptable to switching fuel burning states. Forget the extreme fasts (36+ hours that some do) and just try the 18-24 hours to start. Don't stress over it. Maybe once every 10 days or so.



on June 25, 2012
at 10:24 PM

Yes, I eat about 70-75% fat. I control carb and protein intake and eat fat as I need/want. I typically wind up with somethin glike this: 88 gms/carb, 62 grams protein, 150 - 175 gm fat.

I evovled over the past year or so to this, the PHD diet http://perfecthealthdiet.com , and find these ratios work the best for me.



on May 28, 2012
at 06:20 PM

If you're not looking for any specific physical performance and you're not metabolically deranged, I wouldn't worry about macronutrient ratios. Eat whole foods to satiety. I would not force yourself to eat more because you think your calories are too low. If you are eating real food to satiety, I'd expect you're getting enough of everything you need. If anything, I would add some walking or a lot of walking. That should speed weight loss and/or stimulate appetite. Either way, I'm guessing you'd be happy.



on May 28, 2012
at 07:07 PM

I personally also wouldn't add the egg white. I believe the yolk has most of the nutrients, so I would eat the entire egg and eat as many as needed to satiate yourself.


on April 23, 2012
at 08:52 PM

Your diet looks solid. My only suggestion would be to drop the butter until you've reached your goal weight.
High protein works well for me.

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