Any suggestions for a good carb to be eaten during a workout? Also, any suggestions for a weight loss plan?

Asked on November 21, 2014
Created November 09, 2014 at 10:24 PM

I often feel good the first 25 minutes or so then I get wiped out, weak, and sometimes slight dizziness. I've been paleo for 14 months, and besides feeling good, I havent lost a whole lot of weight. I'm a 5'10, 240 pound male, that is 42. I endure a lot of stress at work as well. I am a former competitive powerlifter and for being out of shape can still bench in the low 300's, deadlift 405 for a couple reps and squat 405 for a couple reps as well.  

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on November 12, 2014
at 11:41 AM

Maybe try some creatine instead as it will supply extra ATP for energy.  It's probably not a great idea to do carbs during a workout depending on your goals.  You'd be able to continue the workout further with the carbs than without, but then, working out fasted and waiting an hour or so before a post workout meal is much better to invoke ketosis and autophagy, if those are your goals, than immediately consuming carbs after, or worse, during.


High stress is a killer, both when it comes to performance, as well as when it comes to being able to burn fat.  Stress signals your body to break down muscle tissue (if no free protein is around from recent meals) and create glucose via gluconeogenesis.  While adding carbs will immediately cut down the stress response, or should, it will not help you burn off the fat.


BCAAs during and before a workout are a good idea, but they are insulogenic, they work by moving glucose into the muscles.  Trouble is, if you're feeling a bit dizzy in the middle of your workout, they may cause this to get worse.  When you're fasted, your muscles get a bit insulin resistant so as to spare glucose for your red blood cells and brain - this is a good thing.  But being dizzy during a workout means that you're taking away glucose from your brain and using it for your workout, not so good.


Generally try to avoid a zero carb diet, but shift the carbs to an hour or so after working out, and do something like carb backloading or carb night a day or two a week, and get at least 50g-100g of carbs a day, closer to the end of the day.


You could also try a higher fat diet (in general, not on workout days, as you'd want to consume carbs after the workout), and maybe ensure that you get at least 50g of protein in the morning - this will help cut down on the stress and prevent catabolism.  You could play with things like MCT oil for energy. i.e. bulletproof coffee in the morning, but if you're stressed, maybe use a decaf coffee, or a half-caf, or even make it with green tea.


Make sure you get a lot of restful sleep at night, if you need to, take melatonin, and phosphatidyl serine in large doses.  The stress is likely the bigger issue to deal with, and until you fix it, maybe you could eat something before the workout, but if it's carb based, the problem is that your muscles will not be burning fat, and instead will only burn carbs, which will prevent fat loss.  You want to train your mitochondria to burn fat in the long term by consuming more fat and less carbs.


Depending on the duration and kind of workout, you may need carbs, but unlikely if all you're doing is lifting weights for an hour or so.  If you're doing long endurance training (running, biking) for hours, then you're going to need some carbs.


PQQ and CoQ10 can help revive mitochondria as well.  ALA, and ALCAR can help switch to burning fat.


on November 11, 2014
at 04:02 PM

Bananas are pretty convinient. Also what about just dextrose and BCAAs in a water bottle?



on November 11, 2014
at 07:39 PM

I've never tried dextrose. What would the BCAA's do at the point of fatigue?



on November 11, 2014
at 10:21 PM

The BCAAs are supposed to aid in immediate recovery of your muscles. I personally don't find them very effective, but many people swear by them.  Dextrose is just the shelf name for glucose so it get's into your blood stream very. I use dextrose post workout, since I train semi fasted at the end of the day (6PM) and then backload my carbs. This took a while to get used to but now I don't ever crash like you mentioned. 

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