Very strange unstable emotions/stress/anxiety/ nightmares after campylobacter jejuni infection & temporary GERD - possible high cortisol problems? What tests/research to start doing?

Commented on September 17, 2013
Created September 17, 2013 at 1:56 AM

Approximately 2 weeks ago, I suddenly came down with a high fever, followed by 2+ weeks of bloody diarrhea. I've had a weak stomach likely nearly all my life (stomach aches when very young, bloating after eating more recently) and suspected low stomach acid recently contributing to a very weak immune system.

Tests came back positive for campylobacter jejuni, and I suspected raw milk + rather weak immune system as the cause. Now have leaky gut & reflux (had never experienced this before at all). Transitioning to full introduction GAPS diet (bone broth, everything cooked in bone broth, small amounts of probiotics).

I cannot tolerate even 650 mg of Betaine HcL, so my mucosal lining is likely quite damaged.

The bloody diarrhea has hopefully subsided.

The question, then: Since the very high fever, my emotions have been very odd - anger, anxiety in the dark, anxiety when there is no natural light during the day, difficulty controlling emotions, and emotions that are largely unrelated to anything actually present in the environment, as well as feeling quite tired/ what I assume "depressed" might feel like at times to others.

This is all very unusual to me. I am a very aware human being, generally quite calm/happy, and never truly depressed or sad for the most part.

While I likely have quite high cortisol (I am rarely tired and often very alert, though my circadian rhythms and light sensitivity have been thrown out of whack some via spending too much time without natural lighting indoors over the past 1-2 years. As I'd mentioned in a recent post, I'd been feeling much more alert at night and very tired during the days.)... my brain and emotions have never felt oddly out of touch/control/connection with the environment/reality.

And, my experiences now are sometimes of strong fear/low energy/tiredness/"depression", coupled with the clear knowledge that the experiences are likely untrue emotions, and not connetced to the reality of my situation.

Apologies for the potentially unclear/rambling post - was typing rather fast and must go soon.

Any ideas re: what is going on with my brain, where to start researching, what tests to do, and what do do based on the results of said tests (such as the ASI)?

Any suggestions/incomplete recommendations at all would be quite helpful -- would really like to "fix" my brain. :-)

Many thanks.



on September 17, 2013
at 08:21 PM

Edit: Forgot to add that, most importantly, I've been having trouble falling asleep at night (entirely new to me - I generally sleep 8-16 hours and can sleep at will) and have had a couple of very disturbing nightmares (also extremely unusual; while I'm usually "very alert", my dreams are generally never unsettling.

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