Raw Vegan to Paleo: a two year cholesterol journey

Answered on October 20, 2014
Created October 09, 2014 at 2:58 AM

Hey all Here is a more comprhensive verision of a question i asked a few days ago. I just got my most recent Cholesterol tests and I am concerned. 

October 2014 (18 months paleo):

Total: 350

HDL: 91

LDL: 258

TRI: 80

Here are my past numbers

April 2014 (9 months paleo):

Total: 294

HDL: 91

LDL: 186

TRI: 83

June 2013 (3 month paleo)

Total: 316

HDL: 104

LDL: 204

TRI: 39

Feb 2012 (6 months raw vegan)

Total: 192

HDL: 63

LDL: 122

TRI: 33


Me: Male 27 years 6'2" 152 lbs

Lifestyle: Active bike commuter, weights a couple times a week, work on my feet.

Sleep: 7-8 hrs

Diet: Paleo, do not drink or smoke, cheat meals are nothing more substatial than some corn tortillas or a bit of dark chocolate. lowish carb (under 150 grams, all from potatoes sweet potatoes, some fruit


Whew! this reads like the worst okcupid profile ever drafted. I was happy with my april numbers and would like to get back to em. I thinking of cutting out eggs for a month (i was eating 3-5 p/day), any suggestion/ experiecnes would be a great help thanks.



on October 09, 2014
at 02:35 PM

heavy cream in coffee, whey protien (one serving p/day



on October 09, 2014
at 12:16 PM


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3 Answers


on October 20, 2014
at 06:25 AM

Don't forget about the delicious and bargain priced canned fish options like: smoked clams, smoked oysters, trout, tuna and mackerel.

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on October 10, 2014
at 03:02 AM

Cut the butter and eggs back, switch from red meat to fish for protein. Wait 3 months to see what happens.

Your HDL is phenomenal. Because of that your TC/HDL ratio has increased only slightly despite the rise in LDL, and it's an extremely good ratio, well below 5.


See if dietary wonking the fat and protein can pull the LDL down to 200.

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on October 10, 2014
at 09:41 PM

I hot smoked some pork sirloin roasts this week. They were the cheapest boneless cuts available. They're a lot leaner than shoulder and ribs, and turn out dryer and chewier. But to get LDL down meats like this might help. 



on October 10, 2014
at 02:48 PM

cant afford the 'more fish' part but i work at farmers markets so, ill opt for some leaner cuts o pork n beef. Thanks



on October 09, 2014
at 02:48 PM

Have you had your thyroid tested?  This happened to me and was found that going low carb put my thyroid (TSH) into hybernation mode and well documented here. http://perfecthealthdiet.com/2011/09/high-ldl-on-paleo-revisited-low-carb-the-thyroid/



on October 09, 2014
at 03:54 PM

Had thyriod checked all numbers are fine


on October 09, 2014
at 03:41 PM

150 grams of carbs a day is not low carb. 

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