3 Yr Cholesteral Journey number are climbing up Up UP

Asked on March 09, 2015
Created February 23, 2015 at 3:35 AM

Hey all Here is a more comprehensive verision of a question i asked a few days ago. I just got my most recent Cholesterol tests and again I am concerned. 

Feb 2015 (2 years Paleo)

HDL: 112

LDL: 249

TRI: 62

October 2014 (18 months paleo):

Total: 350

HDL: 91

LDL: 258

TRI: 80

Here are my past numbers

April 2014 (9 months paleo):

Total: 294

HDL: 91

LDL: 186

TRI: 83

June 2013 (3 month paleo)

Total: 316

HDL: 104

LDL: 204

TRI: 39

Feb 2012 (6 months raw vegan)

Total: 192

HDL: 63

LDL: 122

TRI: 33 

Me: Male 27 years 6'2" 152 lbs

Lifestyle: Active bike commuter, weights a couple times a week, also have low free testoerone, Thyroid is fine.

Sleep: 7-8 hrs

Diet: Paleo, do not drink or smoke, cheat meals are nothing more substatial than some corn tortillas or a bit of dark chocolate.

Whew! this reads like the worst okcupid profile ever drafted. I was happy with my april numbers and would like to get back to em. I thinking of cutting out eggs for a month (i was eating 3-5 p/day), any suggestion/ experiecnes would be a great help thanks.

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on February 23, 2015
at 01:36 PM

So, high cholesterol is not, in and of itself, a disease. It is a risk factor. That risk factor depends on whether or not the cholesterol is having an athersclerotic effect. If it's not having such an effect, then, you know, whatever.


If you have the insurance/money and the inclination then you can get a heart scan. Apparently a negative result on a heart scan is a pretty clear verdict that "everything's a-ok" and that the cholesterol is busy doing things that aren't hardening your arteries (such as helping to raise your testosterone). As per the wiki article a positive result is apparently a bit trickier. At age 27 I am not sure if this test would have much to show, but you can do some research and ask your doctor if it makes sense to give it a whack.

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