Training and injured myself roids.

Answered on March 10, 2014
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Quick background I was 18 (I'm 27 now ) when I got the wonderful gift of my first external hemorrhoid it thrombosed and hurt like hell. Doctor told me to soak in the tub and ice. Few weeks all was gone. Over the years I would have a minor flare up only and always to my left external hemorrhoid. Pain was minor and it always resulted from pushing too hard. Fast forward to 7 weeks ago. I work construction and am the youngest so I get to do most of the heavy lifting which is fine for me as I think of it as a little workout. Well about 4 weeks ago I was carrying 80lb bags of cement and walking 40 yards or so each way as well as carrying 60-90 lb blocks of cement roughly 10 yards and back. The next morning as I was going to my bootcamp class at 5am I noticed the familiar bump protruding from you know where the only difference this time was it was my right external hemorrhoid... No big deal I knew I was due for a painful few days. After a few days the thrombosis was gone but I had to work on the weekend for the next 3.5 weekends which involved standing all day long and lifting. I felt that hemorrhoid all the time and it hurt. I kept going to bootcamp which wasn't painful really. I'm not sure if my whiping aggravated my left hemorrhoid but low and behold I felt the slight inflammation beginning. Well as of last weekend my hemorrhoids are quite swollen under the skin not protruding out but due to the large amount of nerves it is extremely uncomfortable which is why I'm lying restless in bed typing this. Everything I read on the internet does really cover my symptoms I see stuff on the body building forums "bro my ass is bleeding and it hurts like hell no homo" its funny and all but I can't find any info unique to my situation of very very mild pain and very swollen external hemorrhoids. Maybe a doctor can lend some advice? I have never experienced these symptoms before and frankly I'm scared. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday but I'm uncomfortably miserable any and all help would be awesome thanks in advance

Ok so I saw my GP and she didn't help me at all. I have now been off exercise for 2.5 weeks and it SUCKS!!!. The inflammation is now dramatically reduce but would anyone enlighten me on what the fuck i did? These inflamed veins did not present as the typical hemorrhoids. Did I simply overdue it which resulted in some very weird inflammation? My hemorrhoids were SO hard under the skin it freaked me out. I now take 500mg-1000mg of Rutin daily to hopefully give myself the opportunity to never experience hemorrhoids again. I am contemplating seeing a specialist as although i am dramatically better after 7 weeks i am not healed.

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on March 10, 2014
at 10:32 AM

The strain of manual labor, the pick up, put down, lift heavy things will cause you to push/ contract the muscles of your body..your ass included. It sounds like your preexisiting condition was exacerbated by your new hard labor and possibly boot camp regime.

Taking some time off might be exactly what you need and if you can ease into things until your body adapts...if it does at all.

Also, so we're clear, I don't know 100% that this is what's caused your flare up, but I know from other gym rats that, especially with leg press/ squats, they push so hard, that it can cause them to have flare ups...



on March 10, 2014
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