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Asked on April 23, 2018
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Hey everyone! I was at one point on a strictly paleo diet which I loved (though somehow got sidetracked.) Two of my four boys have ADHD and considering how artificial dyes, flavors, and grains seem to affect them my husband and I decided to try to implement an 80/20 paleo lifestyle into our home. We had already eliminated a lot of things from home prior to this but we got some pushback from the kids in terms of:

-Their friends have more "fun" and tasty food than they do at school
-They would sneak money in and just buy what they wanted at school
-They want "snacks" which, to a kid, isn't veggies and only sometimes includes fruit. 
-They have no impulse control. Most kids have little but the ADHD brings it down to zero. 

Staying away from sweets and justifying it being "good" for you is hard enough for me as an adult, nevermind for a 10-year-old and 11-year-old haha. 

So, I would love some tips on the following, especially from anyone who has recipes or ideas that are "kid-tested."

-kid friendly snacks
-kid friendly school lunch ideas
-ways to get them excited about healthier living
-any kid-specific resources on paleo, sugar, healthy living etc. 

-Making paleo as affordable as possible (we have a huge family so while tons of nuts sounds amazing, it's hard to implement)


I know that was a ton to throw out there but I really appreciate your help and insight!

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